Bettering Yourself As A Coach Through Online Education

The demand for quality, well-rounded strength and conditioning coaches continues to grow each year. The expectations for strength and conditioning professionals have never been higher than they are today. Coaches need to understand how to motivate and lead athletes, teach technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills, and navigate complex environments with varying stakeholders. To meet these demands, coaches must continue to educate themselves, but choosing the path towards higher education can prove incredibly difficult.

Online education is the fastest-growing segment of higher education in America today. Still, it’s not without its challenges. Some programs and faculty struggle to operate effectively in an online environment, leaving coaches skeptical about online education as a viable option. Many coaches perceive face-to-face education as the superior choice, yet their schedule prevents them from finding opportunities that fit their busy lifestyle. Frustrated, many coaches have given up on pursuing higher education altogether – but there is a solution.

The University of Denver is known for its commitment to developing scholar-coaches, and has worked diligently to provide online programs that uphold their high standards of excellence, while offering students a flexible and engaging educational experience. Their courses are designed and taught by experts in teaching, strength and conditioning, online learning and coach education. They have emphasized the need for regular, substantive student-instructor interaction, and have centered their coursework on modern, practical approaches to coaching.

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Better still, starting this fall the University of Denver is offering two new specialized certificate programs. Not only do these new certificates provide excellent opportunities for S&C coaches to better their craft, both of them can be applied toward’s the University of Denver’s Master of Arts in Sport Coaching – an outstanding master’s degree program that is perfect for busy S&C coaches who want to continue to pursue higher education while still working full time.

Psychology of Coaching – Specialized Certificate

This 16-credit specialized graduate certificate in the Psychology of Coaching prepares S&C coaches to excel in real-world scenarios they encounter with their athletes. The University of Denver specializes in the psychological and sociological aspects of sport and athletic performance, delivering novel practical tools and a unique experience. The specialized graduate certificate perfectly complements the skillset of elite S&C coaches, who already have a solid foundation in exercise science and kinesiology, and builds on this foundation to help them understand the education  the relational and cultural aspects of their athletes.

This certificate is perfect for the S&C coach who has a desire to learn more about the psychological and sociological aspects of coaching!

Curriculum Overview

Students complete a minimum of 10 credit hours from the following coursework:

  • CPSY 4720 Psychology of Athletic Performance (4)
  • CPSY 4705 Sociocultural Aspects of Sport Coaching (4)
  • CPSY 4725 Philosophy and Ethics of Sport Coaching (4)
  • CPSY 4710 Motor Learning and Sport Pedagogy (4)
  • CPSY 4722 Social Psychology of the Body, Health and Performance (2)

Students then choose at least six credits from the following elective coursework:

  • CPSY 4635 Athletic and Performance Nutrition (2)
  • CPSY 4610 Exercise Physiology (2)
  • CPSY 4620 Kinesiology (2)
  • CPSY 4715 Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention Program Design (4)
  • CPSY 4700 Organization and Administration of Sport (4)
  • CPSY 4991 Sport Psychology Independent Study (1-2)
  • CPSY 4740 Practicum in Sport Coaching (1-2)
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S&C And Fitness Coaching – Specialized Certificate

This 16-credit specialized graduate certificate in Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Coaching equips coaches with essential knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. This certificate teaches the applied knowledge and skills to design, implement, and solve real-world strength and conditioning and fitness scenarios.

This is the first and only specialized certificate program in Strength and Conditioning in the world, and was created by S&C professionals with one goal in mind – making more well-rounded, better-educated and consummately prepared coaches. The program is designed to be completed in as short as one year, even while working full-time.

Curriculum Overview

Students complete the following 12 credit hours of required coursework:

  • Strength and Conditioning and Injury Prevention Program Design (4)

(Note: Students who possess the NSCA’s CSCS certification may be eligible to waive this course and substitute from the options listed below.)

  • Motor Learning and Sport Pedagogy (4)
  • Biomechanics of Athletic Performance (4)

Students also complete four credit hours from the following elective coursework:

  • Tactical Strength and Conditioning (2)
  • Psychology of Athletic Performance (4)
  • Evidence-Informed S&C and Fitness (1-4)
  • Practicum in Strength and Conditioning Coaching (1-2)
    • Students have the option of working with a S&C coach mentor during the Practicum course.
    • Students must submit proof of CPR/First Aid certification in order to enroll in the Practicum course.
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Whether you’re looking to simply expand your skillset through a flexible online program, or working towards the  goal of earning your master’s degree, both the Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Coaching and the Psychology of Coaching specialized certificates are excellent options. Designed by coaching professionals for coaching professionals, these programs take the highest-quality, most relevant course material and deliver it directly to you in an engaging and personal way. The University of Denver meets coaches where they are and helps them to arrive where they want to be.

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