Continuing Education Reminders

Current CEU Cycle (August 1, 2016-July 31, 2019):

The end of the first year of the current CEU Cycle is now complete! As a
reminder, if you have completed or participated in any courses, clinics or other
conferences and would like to obtain CEU credit, please be sure to email the
CSCCa National Office a course itinerary and verification of attendance.

2016-17 CEU Reporting Fee:

The 2016-17 CEU Reporting Fee has now been added to the accounts of all SCCC
Certified Individuals who were not in attendance at the 2017 CSCCa National
Conference. This fee can be paid online by credit card or by mailed check. As a
reminder, the Annual CEU Reporting Fee is $20.00 for members, or $30.00 for

2017 National Conference Presentations and CEU Courses:

Presentations from the 2017 CSCCa National Conference are now available on the CSCCa website under  “Educational Resources.” (Search “2017” to see all 2017 Conference presentations). Some of these presentations are also available for CEU Credit. These CEU courses are $12.00 each.

2017-2018 Membership Year:

The 2017-2018 Membership year began August 1, 2017. We will be sending out
reminder letters later in the month. As a reminder, the membership year runs
August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018, and membership dues are required in order to
receive the discounted member rate for all CSCCa Dues and Fees. Please review
the CSCCa Yearly Calendar.

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