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Continuing Education: Updates & Reminders

CEU Information

We are in the final year of the 3 year CEU cycle.  Those who were SCCC Certified at the beginning of the current CEU Cycle (August 1, 2016) are responsible for completing 45 CEUs by July 31, 2019.  The CEUs are prorated for those who became SCCC Certified during the current CEU Cycle (responsible for either 30 or 15 CEUs).  All SCCC Certified individuals are encouraged to stay on top of fulfilling their CEU Requirements so that the CSCCa National Office does not experience a backlog in recording all submitted CEU Requirements and so that SCCC Certificants do not become overwhelmed in the last few weeks of the CEU cycle in trying to complete their missing CEU Requirements.  Below is some important information regarding CEU Requirements:

CEU Reports:

All SCCC Certificants receive periodic reports regarding their CEU status throughout the 3 year CEU Cycle.  SCCC Certificants will be emailed a report mid-January which will identify all remaining CEU requirements that must be fulfilled no later than July 31, 2019.

Obtaining CEUs:

If you participated in an event, course, or clinic during the summer break and would like to obtain CEU credit, be sure to email the CSCCa National Office a detailed course itinerary and verification of attendance.

Updated CPR/AED/First Aid Certification:

Members must submit a CPR, First Aid, and AED Certification card that will be current as of July 31, 2019  We recommend going through the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, or the National Safety Council. Certifications completed solely online will not be accepted. Those SCCC Certified individuals who do not have valid CPR/AED and/or First Aid Certification that will be current on July 31, 2019 should have received an email from the CSCCa National Office notifying you that you need to submit current certification. 

CSCCa Code of Conduct:

Last summer, members of the CSCCa Certification Commission formed a committee to create a CSCCa Code of Conduct. Thanks to their hard work and diligence, we now have a list of standards of conduct that we ask all CSCCa members, SCCC certified individuals, and SCCC candidates to abide by. SCCC certified individuals and Spring 2019 SCCC candidates will need to submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct acknowledging adherence by the following dates:

  • Spring 2019 SCCC Candidates:  February 20, 2019
  • SCCC Certified Members: July 31, 2019

You can find the Code of Conduct here.

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