Continuing Education

Continuing Education: Updates & Reminders

Current CEU Cycle (August 1, 2016-July 31, 2019):

As we approach the end of the second year of the current CEU Cycle, here are a few reminders:

  • It is recommended you complete 15 CEUs by July 31st each year.
  • If you participate in an event, course, or clinic and would like to obtain CEU credit, be sure to email the CSCCa National Office a course itinerary and verification of attendance.
  • Here is a list of some of the most common ways to obtain CEUs:
  • You can find more information about various ways to obtain CEUs here.
  • If you have recently taken a CPR/First Aid/AED class, please be sure to submit a copy of the front and back of your updated certification to Because these certifications involve the demonstration of hands-on skills, courses approved and accepted by the CSCCa must include an in-person skills assessment. While it is acceptable to have a portion of these courses offered online, there must also be an in-class portion conducted by an instructor. No solely online courses will be accepted. Please remember that the CSCCa National Office must have a CPR/First Aid/AED certification that is valid on July 31, 2019, for each SCCC Certified individual.


2017-18 CEU Report:

You should have received an updated CEU Report at the end of June.  Again, you are encouraged to obtain 15 CEUs each year.  As we are approaching the end of the second year of the CEU Cycle, individuals certified as of August 1, 2016, should have obtained 30 CEUs by July 31, 2018. The CEU requirement for individuals certified after this date is prorated. It is important that you stay on top of your CEUs so that you are not deficient when the cycle ends July 31, 2019, resulting in a lapse of your SCCC Certification.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this report or how to obtain CEUs, please contact Krystal, the CEU Coordinator, by email at or by calling the CSCCa National Office at 801-375-9400.

Code of Conduct:

Last summer, members of the CSCCa Certification Commission formed a committee to create a CSCCa Code of Conduct. Thanks to their hard work and diligence, we now have a list of standards of conduct that we ask all CSCCa members, SCCC certified individuals, and SCCC candidates to abide by. SCCC certified individuals will need to submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct acknowledging adherence by July 31, 2019. You can download a copy of the CSCCa Code of Conduct here!


2017-18 CEU Reporting Fee:     

All SCCC Certified individuals that were not in attendance at the 2018 CSCCa National Conference are responsible for paying the 2017-2018 CEU Reporting Fee. Invoices were emailed at the end of June. CEU reporting fees are $20.00 per year for members or $30.00 per year for non-members. Please note that these fees do not cover additional fees that are incurred as part of any other CEU component, for example, access to articles and videos.

2018 National Conference Presentations and CEU Courses:

Some of the 2018 CSCCa National Conference Presentations are available now on the CSCCa Website.  The remaining presentations will be made available soon. Please check periodically, as new courses are added each week. The 2018 Health & Safety presentation by Dr. Mike Iosia and Dr. Andreas Stamatis are already available on the CSCCa Website. We ask that each of you review these presentations with your staff.


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