CSCCa Announces National Office Move, Other Exciting News

There have been many changes in the CSCCa in 2021. The CSCCa has been under new leadership since the retirement of Dr. Chuck and Becky Stiggins, the founders of the organization. A new Executive Team consisting of Scott Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Abney, Chief Science Officer and Allan Johnson, Chief Development Officer, who also served on the original Board of Directors, has been in place since March 1, 2021.

Not only were there changes at the executive level, but there were also changes on the CSCCa Board of Directors. Ethan Reeve, who served as CSCCa Board President from May 2016 through March 2021, left the CSCCa to pursue an opportunity with Mondo USA. New Mexico State strength and conditioning coach Don Decker was elected to replace Coach Reeve, and now serves as CSCCa Board President.

During this unprecedented transition, the CSCCa Board of Directors employed the help of consultant Maury Davis and considered detailed information compiled by the CSCCa Executive Team in making the decision to relocate the CSCCa National Office. The CSCCa Executive Team and the CSCCa Board of Directors are proud to announce that the CSCCa National Office will be relocating from its home of 21 years in Provo, Utah to Austin, Texas. 

“The CSCCa office had a very successful home in Provo, Utah for over 20 years,” Bennett says. “Chuck and Becky started this organization from ground zero through a fantastic vision as well as great leadership from its original Board of Directors. Under Chuck and Becky’s guidance, this organization has grown tremendously. Their impact on the CSCCa and the strength and conditioning profession is something we owe an enormous amount of respect and gratitude. It’s now time to turn the page and continue to move forward with what they started. We are excited about the new phase of the CSCCa and the new location of the national office. Austin has become a destination location for many of the top businesses in the country, and we are proud to join them in our new location.”

“There was a lot that went into this decision. It was important for us to do a comprehensive analysis before making any decisions,” Decker says. “We hired Maury Davis Consultants to help give us an educated perspective. At the present time, Austin is the best decision. The Board is excited about the move. Austin is a great city with new opportunities for the CSCCa.”

The CSCCa would also like to announce changes in the CSCCa Office Team. Laekyn Pham, who has served as CSCCa Certification Coordinator since January 2019, has been hired as the CSCCa Office Business Manager. In addition, the CSCCa would like to announce that Ashton Abbott has joined the CSCCa Office Team as the CSCCa CEU Coordinator, as well as Sean Briscoe, who will be joining the team as the CSCCa Certification Coordinator. Welcome to the CSCCa Team!

The new office location will officially be open January 3, 2022. Normal business operations will be maintained during this transition.







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