FTDO Scott Bennett

CSCCa CEO Reflects On 2020, Looks Forward To 2021 Conference

As we draw near to our first in-person conference since 2019, I want to take the time to reflect on the events of the past year, as well as look forward to, what will hopefully be, a brighter and more prosperous year.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our coaches experienced personal and professional losses.  We all should take pause and remember our colleagues who unfortunately experienced these hardships.  The pandemic has given us time to not only reflect on what is truly important in our lives, but also given us an opportunity to set new paths for the future.  The year 2020 was a year of change.  In this edition of CSCCa Monthly, I want to talk about this change.

For the CSCCa, the year 2020 was a year filled with unprecedented activity.  The association celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding.  As fate and Covid would have it, all celebratory activities would have to be put on hold as the CSCCa experienced its first year ever without hosting its much anticipated live conference.  There were many historic festivities and tributes planned for the conference, but unfortunately, Covid said, “No!”.  As we move forward, it is my promise to our membership, that we will collectively bring back the spotlight to shine on the great men and women who created the great spirit that is the CSCCa.

The past year also brought about significant changes in the top leadership of the CSCCa.  Since its founding in 2000, Chuck and Becky Stiggins have been at the helm of the national office.  They were the founders, the keepers, the protectors, the conscience, and the guiding light for our organization.  After over 20 years of a life encompassing dedication to serving all strength and conditioning coaches across the country, Chuck and Becky announced their retirement.  Every year at the conference, you could always count on Chuck’s big smile and glad hand to meet you as he greeted you, and always a kind or encouraging word.  Becky was always present with a huge laugh and a smile when addressing the needs of our coaches, speakers and exhibitors.  Even though she was the busiest person in the building, she always took the time to make sure our needs were met with the friendliest face anyone had ever known.  What kept them filled with such great spirit?  The answer is quite simple, personal faith and the love for the strength and conditioning coach.  To Chuck and Becky Stiggins, the CSCCa is family.  Believe me when I say they love their family.

As in all families, the next generation comes along.  The previous generation’s shoes are never filled, although we always strive to do so.  The legacy of our previous generation is never replaced, it is ever present.  One of the great things about the next generation is that it always carries a big part of their ancestors.  A giving spirit, a servant’s heart, and great examples lived, transcend the sands of time and last for generations to come.  We are all blessed to have Chuck and Becky set the stage, build a foundation, and set forth a legacy for all strength and conditioning coaches to embrace.  The Stiggins’ spirit will always be alive in the leadership of the CSCCa.

Moving forward into the 2021 CSCCa National Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, we had high hopes the pandemic would be in our rear view and we would return to what we know as a normal conference.  However, as conference preparations began to take place, it was quickly evident that the pandemic and all related restrictions are still in play.  After surveying our membership on potential conference attendance, it was decided there was enough interest to hold a live conference.  As we moved forward with conference registration, we began to learn that a significant number of members were learning of renewed travel constraints.  Some members were not allowed to travel, some had experienced furlough situations and budgetary restrictions, as well as quarantines upon return from extended travel.  With collective consideration for all these situations, the CSCCa made the decision to create a virtual platform in addition to our in person conference.  In a joint effort between the CSCCa, Three Cycle Media and Iron Clad Audio Visual, Inc., we were able to create an amazing online experience for our members who are unable to attend in person.  This virtual experience created by Iron Clad will give a cutting edge experience for our members.  In this package, we will present the recordings of our speakers in Ft. Worth as well as a collection of independently recorded speakers.  This affords us many speaker opportunities for education as well as a CEU opportunity for this CEU cycle.  Along with our virtual speaker platform, we will be hosting a virtual exhibit hall to feature our great sponsors and exhibitors.  We love the high energy environment of our live exhibit hall, but also are excited to provide our exhibitors with an opportunity to show off their latest and greatest cutting edge offerings and keep in touch with our strength and conditioning coaches.

As we look toward the future, the CSCCa leadership wants you, the membership, to control the narrative.  Where do you want us to go?  What are your ideas to help the CSCCa grow and be more successful?  The new Executive Team has a list of great ideas of how we can engage our current membership to become more involved in our association.  We have a vision of an increased social media presence along with programs to further promote and enhance the value and respect of the SCCC certification and MSCC title of distinction.  We want to provide an opportunity to give each member and special interest groups more avenues to increase and show their skills and level of professionalism.

We are hopeful as this year progresses that things will improve for our entire CSCCa family of coaches, leaders, sponsors and exhibitors.  To our coaches that are attending the conference in Ft. Worth, we are looking forward to seeing you.  For those unable to attend, we regret we won’t get to see you and share in the live conference experience, but we understand and truly hope you enjoy our virtual format we have put together for you.  Let’s all work together to increase our level of education, continue our bonds in unity, and do all we can do to raise our level of respect for, and among, our coaches.  Please feel free to reach out to me or any member of our Executive Team.



Scott G. Bennett

Chief Executive Officer