FTDO Scott Bennett

CEO Reflects On The Giving And Sharing Spirit Of The CSCCa

Hello again, everyone and welcome to November!  I hope everyone has had a great Fall semester so far and all your teams are doing well. Before we get into the November newsletter, I want to provide a few reminders for you. Firstly, the 2021 Virtual National Conference will be available until December 31, 2021. This is – without a doubt – the best option for members to earn their 15 CEU’s for the 2021 CEU year.

In a normal CEU year, the yearly CEU cycle ends July 31. Due to Covid-19 and its effect on travel to the in-person 2021 national conference, we produced a virtual option for those who could not attend. With that in mind, we have EXTENDED the normal CEU period from July 31 until December 31. After December 31, 2021, the virtual option will no longer be available, and the CEU year for 2021 will end. Please have all your 2021 CEU’s COMPLETED by December 31, 2021.

Please also be aware that 2022 marks the end of the 3-year CEU cycle. To maintain your SCCC certification, you must have 45 total CEU’s by July 31, 2022.

In this month’s CEO Message, I want to dive into the spirit of the CSCCa. Historically, there has always been a spirit of giving, sharing and leaving the ground more fertile than you found it. This spirit is truly what makes the CSCCa a very special home for the collegiate strength coach. I find this spirit very powerful. As strength coaches, we have a very significant gift. We have the gift of giving. We have the ability to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

What a wonderful gift!

I want to take that concept a little further. The CSCCa has recently passed it’s 20-year milestone. This represents two decades of coaches that have come together for a common cause, two decades of focused education, problem solving, innovation and compilation, and a continued effort to build a solid foundation upon which this organization can thrive. Think of the many ways we have grown. We have learned the value of sharing vast and effective training philosophies and protocols. We have learned safer protocols that help protect our student athletes. We have grown our facilities in an effort to better serve our athletes. In those two decades, we have seen our founding fathers take on new roles in our profession. We have grown our roster of MSCCs from the first 8 coaches that received the coveted Masters Jacket to a roster of over 200 Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches. This equates to thousands of years of experience within our organization that can be shared.

Not only do we have a great roster of Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches, but we also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our members who are working toward earning the MSCC title of distinction. We have an extremely talented group of strength coaches who have recently earned their SCCC certification. I have said on numerous occasions, it is my goal to build a bridge between the experienced strength coaches in our organization and the strength coaches who are just getting started. In my opinion, the future of this profession depends on this union.

Here is a list of a few of the many statements I have heard in conversations with MSCCs as well as SCCCs:

Things said by MSCCs:

“Most younger coaches don’t know what they don’t know.”

“Tell me what it’s being called now, I’ll tell you what we called it 30 years ago.”

“I made that mistake many years ago, I wish someone had warned me.”

“If I had it to do all over again…”

“I remember when we tried that.”

“Back in the day, we had to coach all those sports out of one room with a small staff.”

Things said by SCCCs:

“I’d love to sit down and pick his/her brain.”

“I wanted to go talk to him/her, but I did not want to be a bother.”

“This seems like a great idea; I wonder how it will work.”

“I’d love to hear some of the stories of how things were back when they did it.”

How incredible would those conversations be? How much would the sharing of all that information be? It is pretty obvious that our MSCCs are very willing to share ideas with our younger group, and it is just as obvious that our younger coaches are looking for it. These conversations need to take place. We need to engage the conversation between the old and the new.  All the sharing of information at any national conference takes place in a) the speaker sessions, b) the hotel lobby, c) the local eateries and d) the exhibit hall. We want to open up as many opportunities for open conversation as we possibly can.

Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches, you are the cream of the crop when it comes to our membership. You are the most experienced, most skilled and highly respected group in the CSCCa. We are very fortunate that so many of you already give back to our membership. You are giving back by being great mentors, helping administer the practical portion of the SCCC exam, volunteering for committees and always being a great sounding board for CSCCa leadership. These are huge gifts that help make our organization great. As Master Strength and Conditioning Coaches, let’s take that gift one step further. Let’s open up those “back in the day” conversations.  Let’s share a bit of that wisdom that we have collected over the years. We will be reaching out to a select group of MSCCs to make themselves available for conversations in the exhibit hall on Tuesday May 3rd, the first day of the 2022 CSCCa National Conference. We think this opportunity for membership engagement will be a highlight at the conference and a memorable experience for all involved.

As a reminder, registration for the 2022 CSCCa National Conference is available here. This will be our first visit to Oklahoma City. The brand new state of the art convention center will be a spectacular site for our conference. You can visit the Oklahoma Convention Center here. Please make your travel plans early as the hotels will fill up quickly. Take advantage of the early bird rate of $275 that will be available until March 14, 2022.

I hope you all have a great November. From all of us at the CSCCa, we want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving (early).