2019 Executive Director Preview

CSCCa Executive Director Previews The 2019 National Conference

As we approach the national conference each year, I reflect and marvel upon the growth the CSCCa has experienced. I vividly remember the organization’s first national conference, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in May 2001. It was attended by 167 collegiate strength and conditioning coaches who believed in the newly created organization’s mission statement which centered on education, unity and respect. Sixteen companies chose to exhibit at this inaugural CSCCa National Conference, recognizing the potential of this emerging organization to become a major influence in the strength and conditioning coaching profession.

Eighteen years later, conference attendance is expected to surpass 1500, and there are currently 287 reserved exhibit booths representing 118 companies which feature the latest in strength training, conditioning, speed and power development, sports nutrition, recovery, strength and conditioning technology and more! These exhibitors know that the annual CSCCa National Conference is now undoubtedly the largest gathering of collegiate and professional-level strength and conditioning coaches in the country and is their best opportunity to connect with this important group.

The 2019 CSCCa National Conference will feature a variety of speakers and topics with direct relevance to the strength and conditioning coaching profession.

Conference Topics

  • Preventing Exertional Illnesses & Incidents in Athletes
  • Bridging the Gap between the Weight Room & the Training Room
  • Michigan Basketball S&C
  • Speed & Power: Everything Old is New Again
  • The Art of Relearning as a Strength Coach
  • Tubing, Thrower’s 10 & Poles: More to Baseball Than This
  • Louisville Men’s Soccer
  • Applications of Velocity-Based Strength Training
  • Threats to the Profession Follow-Up
  • The University of Texas Football Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Positive Ways to Develop Mental Toughness
  • So You Want to Be a Strength Coach?
  • What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be?
  • Speed Training for Non-Track Athletes
  • Hamstring Injuries: Rehabilitation & Performance Enhancement Training
  • Being a Difference Maker
  • Proper Lifting Technique for the Squat & Overhead Lifts
  • Our Everyday Role in Advancing the Profession
  • Putting Recovery Data to Work (Using Basketball Data)
  • Systems Based Thinking (Assess, Intervene, Monitor)
  • Making It Easier to Work with Sport Coaches
  • The Progression of Building A Positive Program & Culture
  • Developing Speed for Team Sport Athletes
  • Basketball Training: Does Style of Play Change the Plan?
  • Upper, Lower, & Total Body Power: A Practical Approach
  • Olympic Sport Roundtable: Golf, Swimming & Diving; Wrestling; Volleyball
  • Young Strength & Conditioning Coaches Roundtable
  • Female Strength & Conditioning Coaches Roundtable
  • The Cares & Concerns of the Small College Strength & Conditioning Professional
  • Developing the Strength Coach for Autonomy & Longevity in the Field
  • Training Load & Recovery in College Basketball
  • The “No Talent” Code
  • Structuring Your Staff Mentorship
  • Championship Communication

Conference Speakers

  • Marci Hoppa, SCCC, & Julie Martin, ATC, Mississippi State University
  • Jon Sanderson, MSCC, University of Michigan
  • Michael Boyle, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
  • Dan John, Strength & Conditioning Consultant
  • Thomas Rohling, MSCC, Samford University
  • Jason Dierking, MSCC, University of Louisville
  • Tyler Williams, Assistant Professor, Samford University
  • Kevin Cronin, Colorado College
  • Brian Jordan, Technical Manager, NSF Certified for Sport
  • Scott Bennett, MSCC, Radford University
  • Ethan Reeve, MSCC, CSCCa President, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Joey Batson, MSCC, CSCCa Board Member, Clemson University
  • Jennifer Jones, MSCC, Purdue University
  • Lee Kemp, Keynote Speaker, Educator, Author, and Former Olympian
  • Mike Young, Owner & Founder of Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center
  • Rob Panariello, Founding Partner & Co-CEO at Professional Physical Therapy
  • Lewis Caralla, SCCC University of Buffalo
  • Stephen Rassel, SCCC, Webber International University
  • Sean Conaty, SCCC, Eastern Michigan University
  • Andrew Althoff, SCCC, Baylor University
  • Andy Gillham, Owner of Ludus Consulting
  • Zach Houghton, University of South Florida
  • Steven Orris, MSCC, Nova Southeastern University
  • Michael Waller, Associate Professor, Arkansas Tech Univeristy
  • Robert Basile, MSCC, St. John’s University
  • Michael Johnson, SCCC, Oregon State University
  • Betsy Butterick, The Coaches’ Coach & Communication Specialist
  • Yancy McKinght, SCCC, University of Texas

In addition to traditional lectures, there will be a variety of roundtables, panel discussions, and hands-on learning opportunities. Click here to view the itinerary and click here to learn more about the speakers and their presentation. Don’t forget that the end of the current CEU cycle is July 31, 2019, and that attendance at the CSCCa annual national conference each year continues to be the simplest, most efficient and beneficial way to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and maintain SCCC certification.

We sincerely hope to see you in Kansas City this May!


Dr. Chuck Stiggins, CSCCa Executive Director























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