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Address: 2340 Enterprise Ave., La Crosse, WI 54603
Contact Name: Missy Kampling
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 608-781-2345

BiPro ELITE protein powder is a 100% whey protein isolate made through a gentle ion exchange process, taking great care to remove impurities without denaturing the protein. BiPro ELITE has no fillers, is rBST free, offers a clean label, and is NSF Certified for Sport Ð making it the choice of world-class athletes around the globe.

Address: 318 W. Grand Avenue, Suite 301, Chicago, IL 60654
Contact Name: Alex Murray
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 866-447-9441

At Eleiko we have been passionate about strength since 1957. We uniquely blend world class free weight equipment with powerful education to deliver outstanding strength training areas that get results Ð for you, your athletes, and their performance goals.

Address: 151 N 8th St., Ste. 300, Lincoln, NE 68508
Contact Name: Kyle Deremer
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 402-660-6152

Dominance. Measured Rep by Rep since 2011. #RepByRep

Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company
Address: 225 N. Michigan, 23rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60601
Contact Name: Gabriella Ferroni
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 312-729-3638

Gatorade is proud to support the Annual CSCCa National Conference. This year, the brand will be sharing information around the new Gatorade Performance Partner, a cross-discipline community of sports health and performance professionals. Gatorade offers a range of sports fuel products backed by years of scientific research, developed in collaboration with the world's greatest athletes and designed to improve athletic performance. Gatorade's portfolio is designed to meet the fueling needs of all athletes, and the addition of Muscle Milk to the Gatorade family only strengthens its product roster. Gatorade's Recovery products – bars, protein powder and shakes Ð help athletes rebuild muscles after athletic activity while Muscle Milk products help athletes maximize their strength. To learn more about Gatorade's full product portfolio or to find your local Gatorade representative, please visit

Address: 2470 S. Cherry Ave. Fresno, CA 93706
Contact Name: Katie Gianetta
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 559-256-8000

Keiser is never satisfied with the status quo and strives to push the limits of fitness science.

Matrix Fitness
Address: 1600 Landmark Dr., Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Contact Name: Randy Meyer
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 414-308-7284

Matrix Fitness is among the worldÕs fastest-growing commercial fitness equipment brands. They offer the hardest-working, highest-performing equipment, and they make it easier to add a little team spirit to your training room with customizable frame and upholstery colors. This year, Matrix is set to change the way the fitness industry thinks about slat-belt treadmills with the unmatched performance and groundbreaking design of the new, thoughtfully designed Performance Plus Treadmill. When you choose Matrix, youÕre getting more than the worldÕs finest athletic training equipment. YouÕre getting a teammate that will be there every step of the way as you strive for victory. Contact Matrix today to find out how you can create a training space thatÕs just as dedicated to your team as your athletes.

Address: 4832 Toledo Bend Dr., Frisco, TX 75033
Contact Name: Chris DiSanto
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 214-551-4191

Momentous is a nutrition company dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the endless pursuit of progress in human health and performance. Momentous leverages a one-of-a-kind network in professional sports to create products with performance experts from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and NCAA. Starting with a line of protein powders released in 2018, these products are now purchased by more than 75 elite teams and countless professional athletes. Momentous prides itself on empowering performance at every level and in every discipline.

Address: 2655 Francis Hughes, Laval QC H7L 3S8
Contact Name: Latasha Pittman
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 847-869-1953

Mondo is a global leader of vulcanized rubber floor covering with over 75 years of experience. MondoÕs high performance, durable flooring surfaces have been installed in athletic facilities worldwide.

NOW Sports
Address: 244 Knollwood Dr., Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Contact Name: Donna King
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 630-545-9098

At NOW¨ Sports weÕre all about natural, unadulterated sports nutrition supplements that legitimately enhance performance. NOW Sports products are certified by Informed-Sport, the worldÕs leading anti-doping organization, so you can trust that our products are pure, safe and effective for every level of athletics.

Perform Better
Address: 1600 Division Tld., W. Warick, RI 02893
Contact Name: Jamie Harvie
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 800-556-7464 ext. 115

Perform Better continues to be the leaders in functional training, conditioning, rehabilitation. Our catalog includes the highest quality commercial grade products for professional use. We pride ourselves with the very best in education, equipment and customer service. You can trust our staff to recommend the right products for your needs.

Rapid Performance Products
Address: P.O. Box 195, Forestville, WI 54213
Contact Name: Jennifer Laughlin
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 800-544-1003

Provide all natural muscle recovery drinks that utilize the benefits of 100% Tart Cherry Juice.

Rogers Athletic
Address: 495 Pioneer Parkway, Clare, MI 48617
Contact Name: Kathleen Meadowcroft
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 800-434-4499 ext. 351

GET STRONG on the complete line of Pendulum Racks and Strength Machines. Our equipment is designed to prove the ultimate solution to off-season training as you prepare for your next season. From our heavy-duty Pendulum Racks to our complete line of Pendulum plate loaded machines, you can train the entire body. ROCK SOLID EQUIPMENT - The rock solid base you need for REAL training. PRECISION STRENGTH CURVE - Pendulum machines are designed with a strength curve engineered for maximum results. FULL WEIGHT ROOM SERVICES - Let Pendulum strength experts help you set up your room for success.

Samson Equipment
Address: P.O. Box 353. Fairacres, NM 88033
Contact Name: Scott Schroeder
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 1-800-4-SAMSON

Elite manufacturer of custom built, heavy duty weight training equipment. Factory direct and family owned company since 1976.

The Right Stuff from NASA
Address: 7 Gils Farm, East Northport, NY 11731
Contact Name: David Belaga
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 720-684-6584

NASA-developed, sugar-free, electrolyte drink additive. Far superior for fighting dehydration symptoms, protecting bodies from overheating and increasing athletic endurance.

CSCCa Exhibitors

1080 Motion
Contact Phone: 512-658-1112

Motorized resistance systems for precision testing and training in high performance sports and rehabilitation. Instagram/Twitter: @1080motion

1st Step Pro Wellness
Contact Phone: 713-691-4810

We provide liquid supplements to universities & professional sports programs.

ABACUS Sports Flooring
Address: 2330 Dairy Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 717-560-8050

Safe, high performance sports flooring for college weight rooms.

Call Toll-Free: 800-821-4557

Amplify Sports and Wellness
Contact Phone: 720-296-4021

Amplify Sports and Wellness has partnered with industry leaders in high performance sports to provide continuing education opportunities to coaches and athletes through its customized e-learning platform.

Black Iron Strength
Contact Phone: 800-842-6637

Black Iron Strength is the world leader in providing college and professional strength coaches with superior and innovative custom free weight equipment.

Contact Phone: 925-915-1295

BridgeTracker is the most advanced strength and conditioning software for elite sports performance. With BridgeTracker, strength coaches streamline training design, delivery & tracking and drive better outcomes for their athletes.

Contact Phone: 425-879-0012

100% cherry juice: 12-oz bottle; 3-oz pouches and Biltong (grass-fed beef snack Ð no sugar, no carb).

Ecore Athletic
Contact Phone: 866-795-2732

Floors that do more in regards to safety, ergonomics, and acoustics.

Contact Phone: 855-416-7158

While much of the research in sports in the last few decades has focused on nutrition and bio-mechanics, the work has been done largely without changes to the visual system, leaving potential performance improvements on the table. Sports Vision Training is how we can help tailor that visual system, and those that rely on it, to improve performance in athletes across all sports, and all positions.

GymAware // FLEX
Contact Phone:

GymAware is the gold standard technology for monitoring power and implementing Velocity Based Training in the weights room.

Hershey’s Milk
Contact Phone: 800-264-6651

Hershey's Milk offers a 12 month shelf life that lets you refuel on the go. It is available in multiple flavors and sizes and is a great addition to any fueling station.

Contact Phone: 508-263-2900

The BodyLogicTM scan, available on the Horizon¨ DXA system, provides detailed measurements of muscle, bone and fat mass to inform individualized training and nutritional programs for athletes.

Honey Stinger
Address: 735 Oak Street, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 866-464-6639

Honey Stinger makes honey-based energy fuel including waffles, energy chews, protein bars and gels for every activity.

Contact Phone: 914-318-2292

Great tasting, electrolyte replacement products in ready-to-drink or mixable options. Wholesale available.

InsideOut – Vitamin Fuel
Contact Phone: 813-244-0547

The world's first and Only Preservative Free Liquid Vitamins on the market. InsideOut Vitamins provide the highest absorption bioavailability for every athlete at a fraction of the cost, all products are controlled and manufactured in-house and not outsourced to a third party manufacturer as most brands. Your athletes deserve the Cleanest products on the market.

Iron Grip Barbell Company
Contact Phone: 714-850-6900

The leading provider of exclusively American-made commercial free-weight equipment worldwide.

Contact Name: John Wells
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 480-313-0873

You test. You train. You recover. And  then you do it all over again. JAWKU was created to maximize your athletic performance with advanced technologies to support all of it.

Kabuki Strength
Contact Phone: 503-974-0222

Kabuki Strength is vertically-integrated organization that designs and manufactures original barbells and strength equipment, 2) produces research-based education around human movement, biomechanics, and athletic performance, and 3) provides virtual coaching services to athletes around the world via an in-house staff of coaches and educators.

Contact Phone: 404-645-7900

PLAE designs and engineers the worldÕs most innovative sports flooring for customers who are unwilling to settle for second best. PLAE is focused on creating innovative solutions for athletic performance and the strength and conditioning industry.

Rogue Fitness
Contact Phone: 614-358-6190

Leading manufacturer of strength and conditioning equipment.

Secret Stuff Hygienic from Friction Labs
Address: 2496 W 2nd Ave Unit 1
Denver, CO 80223
Contact Name: Kevin Brown
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 720-287-1536

Secret Stuff Hygienic: FrictionLabs' New Hand Sanitizing Chalk
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitizing chalk sounds almost too good to be true. It’s not.

Secret Stuff Hygienic is a new product from FrictionLabs. The formulation includes 80% ethanol, an even higher concentration than the 60% recommended by the CDC, WHO, and FDA for alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the pandemic. The unique formulation has a slow drying time of 60 seconds, making sure it’s effectively cleaning your hands. As the cream dries, the athlete is left with a thin layer of ultra-grippy chalk delivering superior grip.

In a study at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, Secret Stuff Hygienic outperformed hand sanitizer at killing pathogenic microbes and SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Secret Stuff Hygienic is a perfect way to take COVID-19 seriously but safely get back to the gym and train. It keeps your hands clean, protects you from shared germs and delivers a long lasting grip for maximum athletic performance.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Shuttle Systems
Contact Phone: 800-334-5633

Shuttle Systems is a manufacturer of high-quality cardiovascular machines and training equipment. Specifically engineered and designed to unlock an athlete's potential, products such as the Shuttle CMC2000Shuttle MiniPress, Shuttle BalanceShuttle Rebound and more, are ideal for colleges and universities strength and conditioning programs.

Spud, Inc.
Contact Phone: 803-788-2852 opt 1

Spud, Inc, is a family owned business that makes lifting straps that are virtually indestructible. From weight lifting belts to deadlift straps, to pulling harnesses and much more. If you need it in your weight room, we probably make it. Our straps are made out of nylon webbing and are all made in the USA.

Contact Phone:

Strive helps athletes monitor their body's efficiency and achieve peak performance through EMG and motion data.

Contact Phone: 240-415-8326

TeamBuildr is an online strength and conditioning software built to fit any level strength coach in any setting. Training remotely is not ideal but a reality for many strength programs at this time and creating the best of this situation can be done with a mobile app solution that creates a more interactive experience and makes the workout program more accessible resulting in higher compliance.

The Finisher FlipSled
Contact Phone: 888-507-4668

New type of cross training equipment that combines traditional moves into one, functional, explosive move.

Contact Phone: 855-578-7360

TopSpin360 provides the first patented dynamic multi-planar neuromuscular neck strengthening device that strengthens the neck in a manner consistent with the science on how to prevent concussion.

TrueForm Runner
Contact Phone: 860-895-8533

Best non-motorized curved treadmill ever manufactured. Closest simulation to road running.

Tuff Tread Performance Treadmills
Contact Phone: 1-800-827-2017


University of Denver
Contact Phone:

Offering high-quality online education for strength & conditioning coaches and sport coaches

Contact Phone:

Our products are designed to load movement in order to generate many unique physiological adaptations Ð including, tissue resilience and the capacity to function in odd (uncommon) positions.

Contact Phone: +1 (866) 556-9473

VBT system created for Colleges and Universities: Reliable, easy to use with multiple athletes, and very affordable.

Contact Phone: 800-WOODWAY

With over 40 years of experience, Woodway knows that treadmills are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. That is why Woodway has developed a diverse product portfolio to assist customers in creating the perfect solution to accommodate every application -- from fitness training to the uppermost echelons of human performance.

ZYN CURCUMIN (from Tumeric) Infused Beverages
Contact Phone: 866-376-5996

ZYN CURCUMIN (from Tumeric) Holistic Wellness Beverages have strong anti-inflammatory support functionality. Athletes use ZYN CURCUMIN for muscle and fatigue recovery. CURCUMIN is also good for relief of joint pain, headaches, and supports digestive health.