The TUG by Competitive Action Sports

The TUG by Competitive Action Sports
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6000 Oak Tree Road, Edmond, OK 73025

The ultimate competition apparatus, The TUG can be used for tug-of-war drills to build strength, camaraderie and competition. Just add water to create a great tool for individual workouts as well.

The Tug creates a challenge that is unlike any traditional apparatus. By putting 10 gallons of water in a 15 gallon container, there is room for water movement, therefore creating additional weight, which creates a way to harness inertia. You can’t hide from The Tug.

In this video, Jeff “Maddog” Madden, Legend in the Field of S&C, explains how the TUG is a great strength and conditioning tool, and can be used for drills to build not only strength, but camaraderie, competition and a winning attitude.

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