CSCCa Vendors Unite In Support Of Terminal Young Man’s Wish For New School Weight Room

By Keith Gray

The Make A Wish Foundation here in Pennsylvania is working on fulfilling a wish for a 16 year old young man who has a terminal brain tumor. Instead of making a wish for himself, he wanted to refurbish the weight room at his high school.

Keith Gray, MSCC

Make A Wish had no idea how to go about doing this. Since they had previously worked with the Eagles on several projects, Make A Wish reached out to our Community Relations department for help with introductions to various vendors regarding acquiring strength training equipment. The Community Relations department had no idea how to go about doing this either, so they approached me about the project and asked if I could make some introductions for them. This is how I got involved.

Make A Wish relayed the story to me, which I have to say, punched me right through the heart. A young man’s wish is to refurbish his school’s weight room? Wow! When I was asked if I could make some introductions, I think my exact response was, “I think we can do better than that.” I went on to explain to everyone that the strength and conditioning field is a rather small community of very good people, all of whom would probably jump at the chance to help out with something like this.

I am happy to say that I undersold what these vendors were willing to do. The entire project was completely funded within 2 weeks, with almost all the companies being CSCCa vendors.  As the young man and Make A Wish had no idea what they really wanted or needed, we filled in the blanks for them. Almost $100,000 worth of equipment was donated and most of the companies covered the cost of shipping as well. Make A Wish ended up spending less than $10,000 for the entire project, if I am not mistaken.

Below is a list of those companies involved in the project:

Matrix – Kelly Neuhauser
Power Lift – Mike Richardson
Iron Grip – Chris DiSanto
Eleiko – David Weber
Werksan – Kenny Triboletti
Intek – Jason Boogerd
Williams Strength – Eric Smith
Thompson Fat Pad & Bow-Tie – Donnie Thompson
Vince & Ann Leonard – A local company

I was able to send a few pieces from my own garage gym as well.

This is a testament to the type of people we have associated with our organization and our profession. I am so proud of all of these people, and I am happy to call them my friends.

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