Eleiko SVR Platform

Eleiko SVR Platforms: Reduce Noise. Dampen Vibration. Minimize Bounce.

Weightlifting platforms on the market today protect the floors and equipment, but still make for a loud and disruptive experience. It is a complex problem to solve. When you dampen vibration and tackle the noise, you typically end up with significant bounce. Adjust the design to address excess bounce, and the sound and vibration dampening properties are diminished.

With the SVR Platform, Eleiko has engineered the nearly impossible, an exclusive mix of materials that address all three issues – noise, vibration and bounce. Striking the perfect balance, the distinctive platform dramatically reduces the noise from barbell drops, the materials absorb the vibration and ensure a quieter, less disruptive experience. In addressing excessive bounce, the SVR Platform distinguishes itself from other solutions.

Eleiko SVR Platform

The redesigned drop zone on the newest version of the SVR Platform features a single solid piece of rubber as the top layer that delivers even stronger results. The custom multi-layered wood deck is protected with a non-slip hardwearing laminate and a long lasting durable inlaid rubber strip to guard deck edges, bumpers and plates from damage. The platform is solidly constructed and highly durable without sacrificing aesthetic appeal and will stand up to the heavy use CSCCa member coaches demand.


An outside acoustic laboratory performed a simple drop test and recorded the results with state of the art sound equipment. The SVR Platform outperformed all the alternatives tested with an average dB level perceived as half as loud as other solutions tested.
Sound Reduction Graph
As the graph above illustrates, the SVR Platform makes a huge difference in the volume level inside the weight room.  Don’t believe it? Watch the video below and hear it for yourself!


Eleiko protects your equipment and investment with design ingenuity. A long lasting protective rubber strip is inlaid into the platform deck as a transitional piece between the lifting and drop zone. This ensures the deck will remain looking its best and protects plates from damage if they accidentally hit the edge between the lifting and drop zone.



Eleiko is a long-time sponsor of the CSCCa, and understands what CSCCa member coaches need to do their job to their full potential. Eleiko’s IWF certified equipment is used in every CSCCa certification exam. In addition to these exceptional bars and plates, recognized as a standard of excellence in the industry, the SVR Platform sets the stage for a truly professional training environment. Put Eleiko’s experience to work for your program and elevate performance even further with the SVR Platform.

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