EliteForm Creates Measurable Advantages For Strength Coaches, Athletes

Developing explosive power is key to athletic performance, and there is no better method for training with the latest velocity and power protocols than with EliteForm. Using the latest in 3D camera technology, EliteForm provides athletes results in real-time, capturing the metrics of every rep they complete and storing it online for coaches.

“Basically, our platform sees athletic movement in three dimensions,” says Skip Cronin, who manages and directs EliteForm. “Our cameras have the potential to provide metrics on anything that happens in three dimensional space, and our algorithms teach our computers what they are seeing. Then, we work with coaches to provide meaningful numbers that help athletes improve.”

EliteForm defines modern technology for power and performance. It helps coaches recruit the modern athlete, amplifies competition during workouts, holds athletes accountable for every rep and set across the program, and provides not only individualized pre-workout personalization, but delivers post-workout analysis that is second to none.

Tyler Clarke is assistant director of football strength and conditioning at Vanderbilt University. He is also a user of EliteForm technology.

“Power development is a key part of our strength and conditioning program, so having a grasp on the velocity and power metrics that accompany each rep in the weight room is vital to our efforts as strength and conditioning coaches,” says Clarke. “EliteForm gives us information at the rack – and at our computers – to help best serve our student‑athletes.”

Competition Amplified

Gamification is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the world of technology. Basically, it means the application of typical elements of game playing – for example, point scoring, rules of play, awards – to other areas of life. In this case, EliteForm’s technology creates a game-like environment in which athletes compete.

“Pick two athletes,” says Cronin. “One may know nothing about how much weight the other can move, but they can effectively compete against each other because the EliteForm platform does simple comparisons between them. So for example, even though they are moving different weights, on the scoreboard, athletes are seeing each other’s wattage numbers. Those numbers ultimately tie back into helping the athlete improve, and it all feels like a game.”

Nothing makes athletes work harder than the push to win. EliteForm’s real-time feedback shows how one athlete’s power compares to another’s, whether by position or across an entire team.

“If you post those numbers throughout the weight room, you’re going to hear some of the best smack talk you’ve ever heard,” says Cronin. “It creates an atmosphere that coaches want. Research shows that if you keep athletes in a competition in which they have a chance to win, you’ll get a 6 percent bump in performance. Twenty years ago, coaches would say, ‘If I could just get this weight room cooking, we’d get better as a team.’ EliteForm is now quantifying that concept, and it turns out those coaches were right.”

Don Decker, MSCC, SCCC, CSCS, is director of sports performance at New Mexico State University. His weight room utilizes 24 EliteForm systems.

“Every sports performance coach is trying to create a competitive environment that simulates the playing surface,” says Decker. “EliteForm’s red, green and gold screen system seamlessly provides this competitive environment, not only during every workout, but with every exercise.”

Program-Wide Accountability

Part of what makes EliteForm so unique is its ability to hold student-athletes to high standards. The platform records and analyzes objective data it collects from each workout, over a season or over an entire career.

“What we’ve seen with EliteForm is when you share data across a group, it opens the entire team up to owning what they do in a way that has never been done before,” says Cronin. “Now you can get past some of the personality issues and ego to really see who’s maintaining and who’s progressing.”

Not only are athletes capable of maintaining high standards, but coaches can also demonstrate how they have grown both individual athletes and entire programs. Accountability is extremely important to coaches and administrators. In a way, strength coaches can prove their worth with data collected from the system.

“It creates the scenario in which strength coaches can sell forward by helping sport coaches understand that they are doing their jobs and are accountable,” says Cronin. “It’s all because we’re getting back to objective measurements instead of the perception of what people think they are seeing.”

Recruit The Modern Athlete

Modern athletes were born and raised with technology at their fingertips. Case in point, for freshmen athletes entering college this September, Google has always existed. Modern athletes value technology because they inherently understand how it enhances virtually every aspect of their lives. They understand that a program that invests in technology is a program that invests in them as student-athletes.

“Today’s student-athletes understand the platform almost immediately,” says Cronin. “They definitely understand that the program has invested in making them better athletes. One of the things we find is that student-athletes pick up on how to use the technology faster than anyone else. The technology speaks for itself.”

EliteForm engages athletes and recruits in a way that creates buy-in and buzz, and also in a way that athletes have come to expect. But, perhaps its greatest asset is that it provides real-world functional value. It’s not some shiny object that recedes when its novelty wears off. Instead, the data EliteFrom provides can become the cornerstone of a successful athletics program.

“The use of EliteForm has sharpened our training system and philosophy,” says Decker. “It gives our athletes and coaches immediate, objective feedback. With EliteForm, our athletes train at the highest standards in terms of safety and performance. When your athletes attack every lift knowing and seeing that every rep matters, you have created a measurable advantage.”

For more information about EliteForm, visit www.EliteForm.com, email info@eliteform.com or call (866) 865-1336.