Executive Director Announces New CSCCa Executive Leadership Team

As I announced in the December issue of CSCCa Monthly, Becky and I will be leaving our positions within the CSCCa.  I also stated that the CSCCa Board of Directors was working diligently to select a new executive team to lead the organization.  After months of interviews and deliberations, a new team has been selected, and I want to be among the first to welcome them.

Scott Bennett, CSCCa CEOScott Bennett, previously the Assistant Athletics Director for Sport Performance at Radford University, has been selected to be the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Scott has over three decades of experience in the field.  He served as an ex-officio representative for strength and conditioning coaches on the NCAA Safeguards Committee for over five years in addition to serving as a member of the CSCCa Board of Directors for 9 years.  He is highly qualified to take over the CEO position and to lead the organization into a new and exciting decade of growth and development.  Please join me in welcoming Scott!

Sandy Abney, CSCCa CSOSandy Abney has been selected to be the newly created Chief Science Officer (CSO).  Sandy was at the University of Texas for close to 20 years and was the Assistant Head Coach of Athletic Performance and the Director of the University of Texas Olympic Sports Strength and Conditioning Internship program.  Most recently, she was the Deputy Director of High Performance for Team China under the direction of the Chinese Olympic Committee.  Within the CSCCa, Sandy has served as the Chair of the Certification Commission as well as a member of the organization’s Board of Directors.  Please join me in welcoming Sandy!

Allan Johnson, CSCCa CDOAllan Johnson has been selected to be the newly created Chief Development Officer (CDO).  Al has been a full-time strength and conditioning coach for close to four decades.  He was an original member of the CSCCa Board of Directors and has continued to serve as a Special Advisor to the Board for the past 14 years.  Please join me in welcoming Al!

I have known and worked closely with these three individuals for many years.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new executive team, and they are committed to the original goals and mission of the CSCCa.  I am excited to see the direction they will take the organization in the coming months and years.  As I have stated many times, there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we continue to work together to promote education, unity, and respect for and among strength and conditioning coaches of collegiate and professional athletic teams!

The past 21years have been extremely rewarding for both me and Becky as we have had the opportunity to work with you to advance the strength and conditioning coaching profession and to create a “home” for strength and conditioning coaches.  The CSCCa was created BY strength and conditioning coaches FOR strength and conditioning coaches and has become the largest organization in the world specifically for this group of professionals.  The SCCC certification, with its three-part process, has become the “gold standard” in strength and conditioning certification.

The CSCCa has a solid foundation and the future is bright!  Please continue to support the CSCCa, the Board of Directors, and the new executive team. Thank you for the faith and trust you have placed in us over the past 21 years.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you.