factor: Complete Foundational Strength & Conditioning Software

factor athletic preparation software is the most complete Strength & Conditioning software available. It encompasses Annual Plans, Exercise Programs, Training Loads (proposed and actual), Injury and Treatment Tracking, Recovery Testing, Performance Testing, Assessment Testing, all with incredible analytics.

Designed for any device – from the desktop computer to the smartphone – factor helps you produce real-world results. Key components include:

  • Versatile exercise design template capable of assigning programs to one or multiple athletes in just a few clicks.
  • Ability to easily monitor loadings using intensity/time multiples or by using more specific loads like weight lifted and distance travelled.
  • Injury logging with flexibility to be very detailed or general in your logging, along with medical and treatment monitoring.
  • Nutritional program design and analysis, including the inflammation ratings of foods.
  • Performance tests for speed, agility, strength, power and fitness.
  • The world’s best exercise video library with well over 3,000 exercise videos including, yoga, pilates, mobility, stability, wobble board, bosu ball, grippo ball, theraband and much more.
  • And a whole lot more!
The seasonal planner is a simple to use tool that provides an incredible amount of potential to the coaches. It is has the ability to build the most amazingly detailed seasonal training plan or use it to simply hold some planning notes.
factor has a large list of performance tests for speed, agility, strength, power and fitness. The entry of a test result receives immediate feedback on the athlete’s result relative to their previous best result, with associated data.
The assessment tests section has many modules aimed at assessing an athlete’s ability to recover from training and competition and the likelihood of injury.

factor is the most complete athletic preparation software available. It will become your most important athletic preparation tool. Please fill out the form below and we can schedule a quick demonstration of factor personalized for you and your program.

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