Iron Grip Teams With EXOS

Iron Grip And EXOS Team Up

Iron Grip Barbell Company, the industry-leading manufacturer of innovative and heavy-duty American-made free weight equipment, is pleased to announce a partnership with EXOS, a leader in human performance.

EXOS is dedicated to developing personalized plans that motivate and support individual progress across the four pillars of human performance: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. Through their methodology, EXOS provides clients with customized tools and strategies to help them achieve optimal well-being and performance.

“EXOS is recognized as an innovator in human performance training, with solutions that appeal to athletes from all disciplines, from professional and college athletes, to corporate wellness clients, to the U.S. military, and health clubs,” said Michael Rojas, president and co-CEO of Iron Grip. “The services they provide are universally engaging and effective across a wide spectrum of elite-level customers, as well as aspirational customers. The markets they serve overlap nearly seamlessly with our existing client base, so we feel confident that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial for us and our shared customers.”

With the common goal of helping athletes at all levels achieve optimal performance, EXOS and Iron Grip have teamed up to offer EXOS clients and partners access to Iron Grip’s state-of-the-art free weight equipment and expertise. As part of the partnership, EXOS has chosen to outfit their world-class performance facility in Phoenix, Arizona with Iron Grip’s heavy-duty, American-made equipment. This elite training destination is EXOS’ headquarters and offers an on-site cafe, recovery amenities, turf, batting cages, and a multi-sport training area with cutting edge, industry-leading equipment. All training is directly by highly skilled and credentialed professionals in every athletic, tactical, physical and occupational therapy discipline.

Featuring Iron Grip equipment in its flagship training facility will allow EXOS to integrate Iron Grip equipment into its training and educational programs. Iron Grip and EXOS will also collaborate on educational content for their athletic, tactical, and corporate wellness customers, and explore new strategic initiatives.

“Movement is an integral component of our four-part philosophy of human performance,” said John Stemmerman, vice president of performance at EXOS. “Being able to provide our athletes with cutting-edge free weight equipment that is designed with safety, optimal ergonomics, and peak performance in mind is important to us. But we also value the long-lasting durability and reliability of Iron Grip products, and the peace of mind that Iron Grip provides to our facilities team. Iron Grip products and people have an outstanding reputation in the industry, and we are excited to share all they have to offer with our clients and partners.”

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