JAWKU Speed: Fast Is Earned, Not Given

You asked. We delivered. JAWKU Speed was designed to give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to stop watches – it’s time to elevate your performance. Your journey to FAST begins now.

JAWKU Speed + Your iOS Device are the only duo designed to get you fast. This is not your parent’s fitness tracker. This is about performance – measure speed, agility, and reaction time. JAWKU Speed gives you purpose, motivation and results. Nothing more compelling than that.

JAWKU Speed syncs wirelessly with your iOS device. And it’s simple. Getting fast is a mental and physical commitment, make every effort count. Visualize your performance over time and get the accuracy of multi-thousand dollar timing systems condensed into technology that you wear on your wrist.

JAWKU Speed includes:

  • (1) Speed Sensor
  • (1) BLACK Wristband, Orange wristband available as accessory
  • (1) Mobile Stand
  • (1) USB Charger
  • Free mobile app for iOS



Measure sprint speed, agility and reaction time off the blocks (in audible mode). All you have to do is select your distance and start mode and you’re ready to go.



Now it’s time to train with purpose. From within the app, you’ll have access to the latest in training content from our partner, STACK, where athletes get better.



Track and visualize your performance over time and track your personal records. See how your reaction time off the blocks is affecting your overall time.


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