Logan University Unveils NEW Master’s In Strength And Conditioning Program

The CSCCa has always promoted the necessity of a highly-trained, professionally certified strength and conditioning coach at every collegiate athletic program in the country. Simply put, without a qualified strength and conditioning coach, the athletic program will suffer.

Logan University shares this vision for continuing to fill the need for qualified, well-rounded athletic performance coaches. CSCCa members will be excited to learn that beginning in the summer of 2022, Logan University will be offering a brand new, cutting-edge post-graduate degree program specifically for strength and conditioning. This Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning program was developed by some of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in the collegiate strength and conditioning field, and will be a natural fit for CSCCa-member coaches.


Logan University has a long history of excellence, starting with its founding way back in 1935 as a chiropractic school. Over the years, their programs have expanded exponentially, but they retain the core benefits of their roots in health and human performance.

Students who enroll in this new master's program can expect the same level of challenging, world-class education they would find in Logan University's other award-winning programs – all packaged within a seven-week accelerated format, allowing students to graduate in just one year.

A Program Perfect for CSCCa Members

If there's one aspect of a post-graduate program that sets it apart from the rest, it's how that program fits the specific needs of the individual student. The Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning at Logan University perfectly matches up with the needs of the full-time, career-minded strength and conditioning coach. The same coaches presenting at CSCCa National Conferences and serving in mentorship and leadership roles within the CSCCa, are some of the exact same coaches who will guide students through this important step in their education and corresponding career progression.

Check out some of the recognizable members of the CSCCa family who are partnering with Logan University to bring you this incredible opportunity...

Dr. Pat Ivey, MSCC

Former pro football player, veteran strength and conditioning coach and associate AD for student-athlete health and performance at Louisville, Dr. Ivey shares his knowledge with Logan students, preparing them for careers that deliver the highest standard of care in athletics, health and wellness. With a Doctorate of Sport Psychology, Dr. Ivey has helped tens of thousands of athletes reach their performance potential using his expertise, research and experience. He has been an MSCC since 2012, and currently serves on the CSCCa Board of Directors.

Scott Bird, MSCC

An athletic performance coach with more than 30 years of collegiate experience in implementing speed, strength and conditioning programs for multiple sports, Scott has been an MSCC since 2010. He has led more than 20 sports teams to championships, tournaments and bowl games. Partnering with Logan, Scott provides expertise on speed, strength and conditioning programs for Logan’s Master of Science in Strength & Conditioning program.

Ryan Jackson, SCCC

Ryan Jackson is a registered sports dietitian (RD/LD) and strength and conditioning coach with over 12 years of experience working at the college level in addition to consulting with athletes of all levels. Ryan has previously worked with athletes at Missouri, Tulsa, Arkansas State and SMU. Ryan has three degrees from the University of Missouri, a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Fitness, a master’s degree in Health Education and Promotion, and a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. He is currently the Director of Performance Nutrition at UCF, and has been SCCC certified since 2011.

Not only is the faculty perfect for the full-time collegiate strength and conditioning coach, CSCCa members will also find the curriculum dovetails nicely with their established and ever-growing skillset. With courses in psychology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and more, every tool in a coach's toolbox will be sharpened by their studies in this program.

Program Highlights

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Psychology of Sport and Exercise
  • Principles of Strength and Conditioning
  • Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • Program Design in Strength & Conditioning
  • Resistance Training and Conditioning
  • Program & Administration Oversight
  • Field Experience I
  • Field Experience II

In addition to the required coursework, students will be required to complete an internship. Many CSCCa-member coaches will be eligible to complete this internship while doing what they already do best – actively coaching their athletes at programs across the country.

"Our graduates will be well-prepared to apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance — whether that’s conducting sport-specific testing sessions, designing and implementing programs, or providing guidance on nutrition and injury prevention."
Brittany Ramirez, Program Director

Brittany Ramirez, Program Director

If you're interested in learning more about this exciting new opportunity, don't hesitate to reach out to the friendly staff at Logan. They are happy to make time for you and help you decide if this program will be the perfect fit for you to take your education and your career to new heights!

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