Dr. Chuck Stiggins, Executive Director, CSCCa

Message From CSCCa Executive Director Dr. Chuck Stiggins

As we approach the national conference each year, I reflect and marvel upon the growth the CSCCa has experienced.  I vividly remember the organization’s first national conference, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in May 2001.  It was attended by 167 collegiate strength and conditioning coaches who believed in the newly created organization’s mission statement which centered on education, unity, and respect.  Sixteen companies chose to exhibit at this inaugural CSCCa National Conference, recognizing the potential of this emerging organization to become a major influence in the strength and conditioning coaching profession.  Seventeen years later, conference attendance is expected to surpass 1400, and there are currently 321 reserved exhibit booths representing 127 companies which feature the latest in strength training, conditioning, speed & power development, sports nutrition, recovery, strength & conditioning technology, and more!  These exhibitors know that the CSCCa annual national conference is now undoubtedly the largest gathering of collegiate and professional-level strength and conditioning coaches in the country and is their best opportunity to connect with this important group.

The 2018 CSCCa National Conference will feature a variety of speakers and topics with direct relevance to the strength and conditioning profession.  A sampling of topics includes:

  • Optimizing Protein Intake for Athletes
  • Effective Leadership
  • High Intensity  Training
  • Tri-phasic Training
  • Reducing Movement Compensation Patterns During Training
  • Assessing Speed
  • Mental Toughness
  • Effective Motivational Techniques
  • Developing a Philosophy
  • Continuing Education Methods
  • Protecting the Health & Safety of the Athlete
  • Developing the Glutes Effectively
  • Training Methods for Improving Sport Performance
  • Core Training
  • Periodization
  • Reflexive Performance Reset
  • Lower-Body Deceleration Programming

In addition to traditional lectures, there will be a variety of roundtables, panel discussions, and hands-on learning opportunities.  Please visit the CSCCa website to learn more about the outstanding and inspiring speakers who will be featured at this exciting, educational and practical conference.  As a reminder for all SCCC certified coaches, attendance at the CSCCa annual national conference each year continues to be the simplest, most cost and time-efficient and most beneficial way to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and maintain SCCC certification.  We sincerely hope to see you in Fort Worth this May!

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