Message From The CSCCa Executive Director, Key Sponsor Information

Note: The information provided in the first portion of the April Message from the CSCCa Executive Director was included in an email that was distributed last week to CSCCa members.  Consequently, you may have already read it.  Please be sure, however, to read the second half of this month’s message as it has important information regarding the 2021 CSCCa National Conference and our valued CSCCa Partnering Sponsors.

It is with a heavy heart that I address you in this month’s edition of CSCCa Monthly. This edition should have been focused on highlighting all the exciting speakers, activities, and events of the organization’s upcoming national conference and 20th Anniversary Celebration festivities.  Unfortunately, we have been forced to cancel the 2020 CSCCa National Conference due to the continued spread and devastating effects of COVID-19.  Each of you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers, and your health and safety are our top concern.

Due to increasing restrictions that are being enforced in states across the country, it is necessary for CSCCa staff members to begin working remotely from home beginning April 9.  The best way to contact the CSCCa National Office will be through emailing  If you need to speak with me or a member of the CSCCa staff, just let us know through email, and we will schedule a call.  We will be continuing the business-related activities and responsibilities of the CSCCa National Office during this time and will re-evaluate the situation in two weeks.  We will keep you posted through social media and the home page of the CSCCa website.

2020 CSCCa Virtual National Conference

As we are unable to hold our traditional national conference, we will be offering a “Virtual” CSCCa National Conference option.  Those who purchase access to this virtual conference will be offered unlimited viewing of 15 speaker presentations during a 3-month window.  Participants will have the opportunity to review the presentations and accompanying printable handout of the slide presentation for note taking during this time as often as they would like. A 5-question multiple choice quiz will follow each of the presentations, but it will only be necessary to complete 5 of the short 15 quizzes in order to receive the 15 CEUs that are normally awarded for attending the CSCCa annual national conference.

Some have questioned the need for any quizzes as this is not required for obtaining CEUs for attending the annual national conference.  This requirement is in keeping with those set forth by the CSCCa Education Board to ensure compliance with NCCA guidelines for maintaining NCCA accreditation.  The quizzes are not difficult.  They are simply a way to ensure that the individual has watched at least 5 of the 15 presentations.  Anyone who watches the presentations will be able to successfully complete the quizzes.

The tentative release date for the virtual national conference is Thursday, May 7, 2020, and the virtual conference fee will be the same as the individual would have paid to attend the national conference in Orlando.

We are aware that many groups are putting on webinars and other online events relating to strength and conditioning.  Many are free of charge or are being offered for a minimal fee or donation.  We commend these groups and the individuals who are participating, and we are confident that many will greatly benefit from participating in these events.  The virtual national conference that the CSCCa is offering is not a webinar or a clinic but is an ongoing educational opportunity. This opportunity will provide a three month window from the release date for individuals to study and review the valuable and pertinent information that will be available through this medium.  We have spent a great deal of time and effort developing this option as a way to provide ongoing education and the ability to earn CEUs for maintaining the SCCC certification and to keep the organization unified and connected during this extremely difficult time.

The CSCCa is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to provide and promote education, unity, and respect for strength and conditioning coaches of collegiate and professional athletic teams.  We have always worked to provide the greatest value at the least cost possible for our member coaches.  We strive to provide outstanding speakers, activities, food events, and valuable gifts for those who attend the annual national conference each year.  Every dollar that is taken in from conference registration fees, as well as additional CSCCa general funds, is spent on the national conference each year.  The CSCCa does not profit from conference registration fees.  The cancellation of the 2020 CSCCa National Conference has resulted in the loss of substantial revenue for the organization through the refunding of the exhibit booth registrations fees and some sponsorships, as well as the funds that have already been spent on the 2020 CSCCa National Conference.  The offering of the 2020 Virtual CSCCa National Conference for the same registration fee as the individual would have paid to attend the national conference in person is seen as a “win-win” situation for CSCCa member coaches and for the financial solvency of the CSCCa as an organization.

It is our sincere hope that those of our member coaches who are in a financial position to roll over their 2020 national conference registration fees to the 2020 Virtual CSCCa National Conference will do so.  Those who cannot are not expected to do so, nor do we want them to.  There are other ways CSCCa-approved CEUs can be obtained, and we will work diligently with our SCCC certified coaches to make them aware of these alternative options.

Again, we are all in this together, and we will work together to get through this difficult time.  We are doing everything possible to ensure that the CSCCa will continue to be here to help and serve our member coaches for many decades to come.  The CSCCa is unique in that it was created BY strength and conditioning coaches FOR strength and conditioning coaches.  It was created 20 years ago to meet your unique needs as a strength and conditioning coach.   Remember, the CSCCa is YOUR organization, and you have an investment in its continued success.

The virtual conference will feature many of the same speakers as announced for the 2020 CSCCa National Conference to be held in Orlando, as well as additional ones dealing relevant topics for strength and conditioning coaches.

2020 CSCCa Virtual Conference Program
  • Cory Schlesinger, Reimagining Weight-Lifting for Performance
  • Joel Smith, Assessing & Cultivating Athleticism through Body-Weight Training Methods
  • Lewis Caralla, Being More Than a Coach
  • Don Decker, Living Inside the Boundaries
  • Jeanne Rankin, The Cares and Concerns of the Female Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Steven Hartman, The Cares and Concerns Facing Strength and Conditioning Coaches at Smaller Schools
  • Dr. Brent Feland, Health and Safety Concerns in Training: Emerging Data on Loads, Fatigue, Biomechanics and Adjunctive Training Tools
  • Christopher DeSanto, Training Collegiate Soccer: Developing a System for You
  • Corliss Fingers, Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation – Helping the Process of Creating a Winning Coach-Coach Relationship
  • Chris Doyle, Acceleration Training
  • Dr. Pat Eisenman, Training the Proper Energy System
  • Dr. Tom Nesser, Training Recovery 
  • Sue Falsone, The Nervous System: What Do You Really Need to Know? (Sponsored by Perform Better)
  • Lance Walker, Need for Speed: Practical Solutions for Testing, Teaching and Training Linear Speed (Sponsored by Perform Better)
  • Dr. Eric Freese, Monitoring Training Load & Recovery in Collegiate Athletes (Sponsored by Gatorade)

More information will be forthcoming regarding the confirmed date the virtual conference will become available.  Again, our target release date is Thursday, May 7.

2021 CSCCa National Conference

As you know, the upcoming national conference was to include the organization’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.  We want you to know that we will be holding all the activities and festivities that were planned for the 2020 National Conference during the 2021 CSCCa National Conference.  In fact, we will be adding even more exciting events for next year’s conference.  Additional information will be coming in the weeks and months ahead, so be sure to stay tuned and plan now to join us in Fort Worth, Texas, May 5-7, 2021.

As always, the 2021 National Conference will include a large, dynamic exhibit hall, showcasing the latest products and services in strength training, conditioning, speed & power development, sports nutrition, recovery, strength & conditioning technology, and more.

 CSCCa-Partnering Sponsors

The support of our generous partnering sponsors assists the CSCCa in meeting the unique needs of the collegiate and professional-level strength and conditioning coach, enabling the organization to keep its membership dues and conference registration fees to a minimum while offering the highest level of certification, educational resources and opportunities, and advocacy for the profession.  We strongly encourage all CSCCa members to consider the products and services offered by each of our generous sponsors when making facility/program purchases.

Below you will find important information regarding our CSCCa partnering sponsors.

CSCCa Sponsor Information

Platinum Sponsor and Founding Partner

Gatorade is proud to support the CSCCa. This year, the brand will be sharing information around the new Gatorade Performance Partner, a cross-discipline community of sports health and performance professionals. Gatorade offers a range of sports fuel products backed by years of scientific research, developed in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes and designed to improve athletic performance. Gatorade’s portfolio is designed to meet the fueling needs of all athletes, and the addition of Muscle Milk to the Gatorade family only strengthens its product roster. Gatorade’s Recovery products – bars, protein powder and shakes – help athletes rebuild muscles after athletic activity while Muscle Milk products help athletes maximize their strength.  To learn more about Gatorade’s full product portfolio or to find your local Gatorade representative, please visit


Platinum Level Sponsors

Proudly made in Sweden by skilled craftsmen since 1957, Eleiko bars and strength equipment continue to be the leading products in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting, as well as in the strength & conditioning profession. Eleiko delivers to over 180 countries and equips the world’s largest events, including the 2015 and 2017 Weightlifting World Championships in Houston and Anaheim and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. We are the choice of champions, more than 1,000 world records have been set with an Eleiko bar.




Weight rooms need surfaces that are just as tough as the athletes who use them. Mondo’s 70 years of expertise goes into its rubber weight room flooring so they stand up to the most demanding use.

Engineered to withstand the weight and abuse of sport equipment, Mondo’s MondoArmor, Sport Impact and Ramflex weight room floorings are ideal for strength and conditioning areas, fitness centers and weight rooms, offering enhanced resiliency from the dropping of weights, heavy machinery, abuse from strength and conditioning activities, scratches, scuffs and even sweat.

Don’t be fooled by flooring that only meets some of your needs. Choose one that exceeds all of them.

One that can stand up to the heaviest everyday use.



Latasha Pittman

Mondo USA



Gold Level Sponsor

Stay Energized and Recover Quickly in 2020

When it comes to sports nutrition, energy and recovery are big buzz words in 2020. Pre-workout products are expanding beyond just an energy boost before a workout. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are now looking for pre-workouts to enhance memory and other cognitive functions throughout their everyday life. They are also looking for fast-acting energy that can be sustained over longer workouts.  Athletes, body builders, marathoners, and weekend warriors are all looking to be energized during workouts while also finding ways to recover quicker, so they can get back at it the next day. NOW® Sports understands the importance of both energy and recovery when it comes to working out, and that is why we have launched new, innovative products to help support both energy and recovery.*

The first new product is NOW® Sports B-12 Energy Boost Sticks, a powerful blend of vitamin B-12 and nutrients supplying cellular energy production.* With folate, taurine, and an energizing 10,000 mcg blast of vitamin B-12, this advanced energy formula will boost your day and keep you at the top of your game.* Also, NOW Sports has launched BCAA Blast. This powder is a simple, yet effective pre-workout supplement that can help maximize output during workouts.* Each serving has 5 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle growth, retention, and recovery.* With 100 mg of natural caffeine per scoop, this thirst-quenching supplement assists in maintaining physical energy and focus during workouts while supporting the body’s natural recovery processes.* NOW Sports also gives you what you need to support recovery from intense workouts with Effer-Hydrate.* These effervescent electrolyte tablets, now available in four delicious flavors, are made to help athletes and sports enthusiasts of all levels rehydrate and recover.* The convenient pocket size makes stashing a tube of these super easy. Whether you’re looking for that extra boost of energy during your workout, or support to help the body recover and rebuild, NOW Sports has got you covered.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

NOW Customer Service



Bronze Level Sponsors

Momentous is a nutrition company dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the endless pursuit of progress in human health and performance. Momentous leverages a one-of-a-kind network in professional sports to create products with performance experts from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and NCAA. Starting with a line of protein powders released in 2018, these products are now purchased by more than 75 elite teams and countless professional athletes. Momentous prides itself on empowering performance at every level and in every discipline.


Chris DiSanto




The Right Stuff® is an electrolyte, liquid-concentrate, drink additive from NASA for athletes who train and compete hard.  Numerous published studies show, The Right Stuff® is far superior for:

1) Combating the symptoms (cramps, muscle fatigue, light-headedness etc.) caused by heavy sweating, dehydration and electrolyte loss.

2) Protecting the body from overheating in high heat settings and times of intense exertion.

3) Increasing endurance by over 20% more than any other NASA-tested formula.

Plus, it is a high-performance aid against the negative effects of jet lag and high altitudes.


The Right Stuff is NSF Certified for Sport and is now available in seven different flavors including new Grape.


David Belaga

Customer Service

Wellness Brands Inc.

Boulder CO 80301-3346




White Level Sponsors

GET STRONG on the complete line of Pendulum Racks and Strength Machines. Our equipment is is designed to prove the ultimate solution to off-season training as you prepare for your next season.  From our heavy-duty Pendulum Racks to our complete line of Pendulum plate loaded machines, you can train the entire body.

ROCK SOLID EQUIPMENT – The rock solid base you need for REAL training.

PRECISION STRENGTH CURVE – Pendulum machines are designed with a strength curve engineered for maximum results.

FULL WEIGHT ROOM SERVICES – Let Pendulum strength experts help you set up your room for success.


Tyler Hobson




Whether you’re building a small weight room or major training center, Perform Better’s expert staff will work with you from layout to installation to create the facility that will best meet your needs and budget. Not only are we the top source for functional training equipment, but we are the premier “one-stop shop” for all your fitness facility needs.


Jamie Harvie




Woodway treadmills give your athletes the advantage in their training and conditioning because WOODWAY is built unlike any other treadmill. Each treadmill is custom-designed with our patented running surface and ball bearing system. The running surface is made from rubber T-slats giving your athletes the ultimate cushion and softness, while maintaining the natural biomechanics of their stride. Unlike conventional treadmills, WOODWAY treadmills also eliminate belt slippage allowing you to project true speed accuracy that does not vary with the weight of the user.

When hundredths of a second separate winning and losing don’t settle for anything but the proven leader in performance treadmills. WOODWAY treadmills are stronger, faster, and more durable allowing you to train athletes more effectively.

Trust the treadmill that was built for and proven by elite athletes and coaches around the World. For the Long Run.


Eric Weber




Since 1976, Samson Equipment has provided the very highest quality strength training equipment on the market. Now prepare yourself for the NEW look of Samson! New product upgrades, New designs, New products, New technology, and the same famous durability and outstanding customer service! Like never before, Samson Equipment is fulfilling its promise to you the strength coach: We will deliver you the very best custom weight training equipment in the world.


Scott Schroeder




Rapid Performance is a product of Country Ovens, LTD. in Door County Wisconsin. Door County is the peninsula that hangs off of the state into Lake Michigan and is part of the Niagara Escarpment.  Our warm days and cool nights, sandy shallow soil and being surrounded by water makes the perfect climate for growing the world famous Montmorency Tart Cherries.

Rapid Red is 100% all natural Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice (not from concentrate). Montmorency Tart Cherries contain anti-oxidants that assist in the relief of muscle inflammation, pain and fatigue. Anti-oxidants counteract the enzymes that are responsible for these muscle irritations and allow athletes to recover faster. Known as the “New Super Fruit”, Tart Cherries provide significant levels of Beta-Carotene (19 times more than blueberries and strawberries), potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. They are also fat free and gluten free.

Rapid Whey is simple! Take the muscle recovery benefits of Rapid Red and combine it with the power of pure Whey Protein Isolate. With 12 grams of Whey Protein Isolate, Rapid Whey is an all-natural recovery drink that was developed to speed recovery. Whey Protein Isolate contains high levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). 9 of the 22 Branch Chain Amino Acids can only be obtained through food sources. Of these 9, Valine, Isoleucine and Leucine are the most important and are all found in Whey Protein Isolate giving your body the building blocks it needs for energy, muscle development and rapid recovery.


Jennifer Laughlin




BiPro’s nutritional profile and delicious taste make it the protein of choice for strength and conditioning coaches, as well as leading professional and collegiate teams across the country. The brand’s whey protein isolate powders are all-natural and offer 20 grams of protein per serving without artificial ingredients, sugars or fillers. BiPro’s unique process of isolation is gentle, yields a product that is pure and contains all essential and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

BiPro Protein Water is ideal for athletes because of its portability and virtually unparalleled ingredient list. One bottle of protein water packs 20 grams of whey protein isolate in just 90 calories with zero grams of sugar, carbohydrate or fat. All BiPro products are NSF Certified for Sport and will help your athletes take their performance to the next level.

Learn more at


Conrad Rangell, Account Manager-Sports





Sharing #MalortMoments and open conversations. Listen & subscribe to the EliteForm Podcast as we talk shop with the EF Family

Kyle Deremer




Matrix Fitness is among the world’s fastest-growing commercial fitness equipment brands. They offer the hardest-working, highest-performing equipment, and they make it easier to add a little team spirit to your training room with customizable frame and upholstery colors. This year, Matrix is set to change the way the fitness industry thinks about slat-belt treadmills with the unmatched performance and groundbreaking design of the new, thoughtfully designed Performance Plus Treadmill.

When you choose Matrix, you’re getting more than the world’s finest athletic training equipment. You’re getting a teammate that will be there every step of the way as you strive for victory. Contact Matrix today to find out how you can create a training space that’s just as dedicated to your team as your athletes.


Randy Meyer




Contact information for CSCCa partnering sponsors can be found on the CSCCa website.

Looking forward to better days in the near future and anxiously anticipating seeing you next year in Fort Worth!

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