Nominations for 2020 CSCCa Board Of Directors Election

As CSCCa By-Laws provide for staggered three-year terms for Board Members, there are four Board of Directors positions that must be voted upon at this year’s conference. These positions are currently held by Ethan Reeve, Ed Ellis, Don Decker, and Nate Moe who are up for re-election.

If you would like to nominate other individuals to serve as a member of the Board of Directors, the Board will review those recommendations. All individuals considered for nomination must be Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches (MSCCs) who:

  • Are current on annual membership dues
  • Are actively practicing, full-time strength and conditioning coaches of a collegiate or professional athletic team
  • Regularly attend the annual national conference
  • Are actively supportive of the CSCCa and its mission.


A list of the current Board members is listed below, along with a list of potentially eligible Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Please email your Board of Directors nomination to no later than Friday, April 10, 2020.

Absentee ballots will be sent out later in April with the 2020 candidates listed to accommodate those CSCCa members with voting privileges who will not be in attendance at the 2020 CSCCa National Conference to cast their vote there.

Current Board Members:

Ethan Reeve (CSCCa President)

Stacey Torman (CSCCa Vice President)

Ed Ellis

Mickey Marotti

Don Decker

Ken Mannie

Chris Doyle

Joey Batson

Nate Moe

Rob Glass

Kathy Wagner


Other potentially eligible MSCCs for Board Nomination:

Christopher Anderson

Daniel Austin

Matthew Balis

Vernon Banks

Russell Barbarino

Robert Basile

David Bass

Nathan Baukol

Brandon Beach

Torre Becton

Scott Bennett

Brian Bingaman

Raimond Braithwaite

Angeline Brambley-Moyer

Reese Bridgman

Scott Brincks

Beth Byron

Gary Calcagno

Ronald Caton

Jr. Paul Chapman

John Ciani

Michael Clark

Tyler Clarke

Jami Clinton

Rod Cole

Jason Cole

Mike Cotterman

Rick Court

Monte Curtis

Mark Davis

Jon Michael Davis

David Deets

Jason Dierking

Michelle Diltz

James Dobson

Dr. Tredell Dorsey

Robert dos Remedios

Michael Doscher

Zach Duval

Matthew Eck

Darren Edgington

Raychelle Ellsworth

Corliss Fingers

Darryn Fiske

Craig Fitzgerald

Antwan Floyd

Holly Frantz

Dwight Galt III

Lee Glass

Mike Golden

Steven Gortmaker

Keith Gray

Gerard Green

Larry Greenlee

Glenn Harris

Sean Michael Hayes

Thomas Heffernan

Paul Helsel III

Benjamin Herbert

Lou Hernandez

Ben Hilgart

Michael Hill

Aaron Hillmann

Tommy Hoke

Victor Ishmael

Patrick Ivey

Larry Jackson, Jr.

Matthew Jennings

Allan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

Terry Jones

Jennifer Jones

Robert Dale Jones II

Michael Joseph

Bryan Karkoska

Muadiamvita Kaz Kazadi

Joseph Kenn

Tim Kontos

Jim Kramer

James Krumpos

James Lathrop

David Lawson

Robert Lemieux

Johnny Long

Raymond (Chuck) Losey III

Donald Maib

Jake Manzelmann

Heather Mason

William (Bill) Maxwell

Bob Medina

Charlie (Jeremy) Melton

Ruben Mendoza

Cori Metzgar

Pat Moorer

Kent Morgan

Thomas Morris

Tim Mullen

Kathryn Munger

Jared Nessland

Bradley Ohrt

Jeffrey Oliver

Steven Orris

Tim Overman

Bradley Pantall

Matthew Parker

Rick Perry

Jason Phillips

Dave Plettl

Kelly Powers

Jason Pullara

Sarah Ramey

Paul Ricci

David Richardson

Whitney Rodden

Thomas Rohling

Anthony Rolinski

Daniel Roose

Kerry Rosenboom

Chris Ruf

Jon Sanderson

Shigeru (Sonny) Sano

John Sauer

Jerry Schmidt

Erick Schork

Michael Schweigert

Jeremy Scott

Melissa Seal

Lance Sewell

Richard Shaughnessy III

Michael Silbernagel

Evan Simon

Scott Sinclair

John Sisk

George Smith

Todd Smith

Don Sommer

John Stephanski

Tory Stephens

Christopher Stewart

Joshua Stoner

Josh Storms

Scott Swanson

John Thomas

Ron Thomson

Joel Tudman

Curtis Turner

Matt Turner

David VanDyke

Jason Veltkamp

Michael Vorkapich

Cedric Walthaw

Aaron Wellman

Gregory Werner

Karin Werth

Danny Wheel

John Williams

Bennie Wylie

Jim Zielinski

Nick Zostautas

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