October Message From The CSCCa Executive Director

We are well into the new academic year and athletic season.  Best wishes from the CSCCa National Office for a safe and successful season!  This month’s message is an update regarding the programs discussed in the September CSCCa Monthly.  The Health & Safety CEU program and quiz are now up and running.  Many of you have already completed the quiz and provided the National Office with feedback. As the quiz is computer-based and generated, we have encountered a few glitches.  Your feedback has been extremely help in identifying these problems, and we believe that they have been successfully addressed.  We welcome your feedback regarding the program.  Be sure to check out the Important CEU Information & Updates section of the newsletter for additional information regarding this program.

It is the sincere hope of the CSCCa Board of Directors that all CSCCa member coaches will utilize the provided study materials and accompanying quiz to ensure a fundamental knowledge of exertion-related health and safety issues related to the strength and conditioning of athletes.  We must make every effort to ensure that the field retains its autonomy, as well as the ability to control its own destiny. This requires all of us to be proactive in combatting serious health and safety issues both on and off the field or court, especially during strength and conditioning training sessions.  Athlete health and safety remains our primary concern as strength and conditioning coaches.

I am happy to announce that the long-awaited CSCCa textbook, “The Professional’s Guide to Strength & Conditioning,” will be available for purchase two weeks from today on Thursday October 24th!  The textbook is initially being made available as an e-book on RedShelf.com for only $99, with an optional low-cost b/w print upgrade. It will not only be a great study tool for SCCC candidates, but also a valuable resource and reference for all strength and conditioning coaches. We will also be making full-color paperback and hardbound versions available for purchase by the end of the month; details will be provided in next month’s issue of CSCCa Monthly.

Just a reminder that while the 2020 CSCCa National Conference is still several months away, the time is passing quickly and will be here before we know it!  We will be celebrating the organization’s 20th anniversary—20 years of promoting education, unity, and respect for the strength and conditioning coaching profession.  Please plan to be there and to take part in this major milestone for the CSCCa and the profession.  We encourage everyone to stay through the end of the conference on Friday, May 8, which is 1:30 p.m.  We have reduced the quantity of speakers this year, but all our exciting speakers are highly qualified and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.  You won’t want to miss these outstanding presentations.  We sincerely hope to see you there.  Stay tuned for more specific information regarding the 2020 conference itinerary!

Please contact the CSCCa National Office with any questions regarding the new Health & Safety CEU, the CSCCa textbook, or any other issues or concerns you may have. Remember, this is YOUR organization, and the CSCCa staff is here to assist you!


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