Ohio State’s Marotti Believes In The Power Of Certification

The assistant athletic director for football sports performance at Ohio State University, Mickey Marotti, MSCC, believes that achieving certification as a strength and conditioning coach is perhaps the most important accreditation a coach can achieve.

“It is the single-most-important prerequisite of a strength coach at any level,” says Marotti, who is one of fewer than a couple hundred strength coaches to achieve the Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) title of distinction from the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa). “Trusting someone to train your players – whether that’s from an administration or coaching perspective – is critical. Coaching must come from someone who is certified. Without that, I think it’s negligent. It’s the wrong thing to do from a risk-management standpoint and from a common-sense or practical standpoint. Take it from someone who knows how to train athletes.”

Marotti believes in the CSCCa and its certification program for a variety of reasons, but above all else, the Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) accreditation ensures knowledge and practicality.

“It ensures that the coach knows exactly what he or she is doing and knows how to coach athletes for strength, speed and flexibility – all of those different components of physical fitness – to get them ready to play collegiate or high school sports,” he says. “There is just so much junk out there. It’s important to have the peace of mind you get from knowing that coaches are certified and they know what they are doing.”

The SCCC is by far the best accredited strength certification coaches can achieve, says Marotti.

“To me, it is the gold standard,” he says. “Dr. Chuck Stiggins (CSCCa founder and long-time CSCCa Executive Director) talks about it all the time. Other certifications, a coach just pays the money and takes the test. The CSCCa’s certification requires a lot more work and knowledge, as well as a practical exam. It’s as thorough as it gets. It’s who we are and what we stand for.

“Like I tell recruits, I will train them like I train my own children,” Marotti continues. “It’s going to be safe, productive, efficient and effective. I would never let someone train my daughter or son who didn’t go through the certification process.”