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AthleteMonitoring is the world’s easiest, customizable and cost-effective athlete monitoring and data management platform for strength and conditioning coaches. Extremely easy to use, AthleteMonitoring helps you monitor wellness, training load, sleep, soreness, injuries and much more. AthleteMonitoring tells you when athletes are at risk of injury, when they are ready to perform and helps you optimize all aspects of your athletic preparation.

Don’t Let Goals Become Unattainable

For Chris Doyle, MSCC, and the University of Iowa football program, achieving big goals is really a matter of breaking down those large goals into very small, bite-sized goals that coaches and student-athletes can internalize. In fact, when the goals begin to look too big, they can actually be counter-productive.

Facilities Design And Management, Part 4: Considerations On Equipment

Once available floor space has been determined in your design, together with the available budget for equipment, floor space will define to some degree the type of equipment to be purchased. It must be noted however that financial limitations do not necessarily mean that the quality of the equipment needs to be lessened. All strength and conditioning facilities should have both free and machine weights. The selection of the machine weights should complement the free weight movements and be compatible with your training goals.

Tips To Reduce Risk Of Skin Infections In Athletics

With fall sports well underway, it’s vital for athletes, parents, coaches and others to be aware of important recommendations to reduce risk of skin infections from activity. Athletes who play contact sports including wrestling, football, soccer, basketball, rugby and lacrosse have a higher risk of infection; as are gymnasts, and even those who weight train, because their skin comes in contact with shared equipment and mats.