Tips To Reduce Risk Of Skin Infections In Athletics

With fall sports well underway, it’s vital for athletes, parents, coaches and others to be aware of important recommendations to reduce risk of skin infections from activity. Athletes who play contact sports including wrestling, football, soccer, basketball, rugby and lacrosse have a higher risk of infection; as are gymnasts, and even those who weight train, because their skin comes in contact with shared equipment and mats.

Strength Coaches Must Modify In-Season Activities

When football season begins each fall, the strength and conditioning landscape changes for coaches across the country. As August begins, strength coaches experience a new wrinkle within their programs. Football practice starts in earnest. For Oklahoma State University’s Rob Glass, who is the Cowboys’ assistant athletic director for strength, speed and conditioning, that variable changes the way he conducts his strength and conditioning program.

Message From The CSCCa Executive Director

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