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TeamBuildr Helps Yale Strength Coaches Innovate, Connect With Athletes

TeamBuildr is online strength and conditioning software for brick-and-mortar strength and conditioning coaches. With clients ranging in size from small high schools to as large as the Texas Rangers, The Ohio State Buckeyes, the New Orleans Saints and the Oregon Ducks – to name just a few – TeamBuildr approaches innovation in the same way as Coach TJ Belanger. They focus on the foundational principle of serving the best interests of coaches and athletes first.

Firstbeat and the Individualized Athlete – Achieve Training, Recovery and Performance Goals

To truly maximize an individual athlete’s training, performance and recovery, each athlete requires an individualized plan. The Quick Recovery Test from Firstbeat Sports is a 3-minute test that, when administered on a regular basis, identifies trends with each athlete and allows the coach to respond, creating opportunities to address the unique requirements of each athlete.

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Momentous — Building The High Performance Athlete

Patrick Dixon has spent 18 years of his life as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, having worked at top programs including the University of Connecticut, the University of California, St. John’s University, and Loyola Marymount. Now, he works with Momentous, attracted to the growing company’s deep-rooted commitment to research and developing products that bring high performance to a new level.

Polar Team Pro – Knowledge Is Power

Tommy Moffitt is no stranger to evolving within a program. The former assistant athletic director and football strength and conditioning coach at LSU won three National Championships during his 21 years in Baton Rouge under three different head coaches. One of the few constants in all that time was Polar.

Mondo Lays Foundation For Athlete-Coach Connection

The needs of the athlete remain the heart and soul of everything Mondo does for strength and conditioning coaches. More than empty words, Ethan Reeve has spent the last year on the road, visiting with strength coaches all over the country, listening to them and learning how Mondo can better facilitate the connection between them and their athletes.

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