Nutrigenomics And Caffeine

The most widely researched supplement within the field of nutrigenomics is caffeine. Caffeine is a broadly used stimulant that increases activity in the brain, with approximately 75% of competitive athletes using it as an ergogenic aid to enhance performance.

Executive Director Announces Board Of Directors Improvements, New Black Strength Coaches Assembly

As we are now well into August, I am hopeful that most of you are back at your institutions preparing for the fall athletic season.  We encourage everyone to take recommended precautions to ensure the health and safety of you, your staff, and your athletes.

Black Lives Matter To Us: CSCCa Statement Of Support

The United States of America finds itself at a crossroads.  It has become painfully apparent that not everyone in America has had the same “American” experience, and that many feel isolated, unappreciated, threatened and unsafe. Too many Black Americans for too long have been racially targeted and treated unfairly. This is totally unacceptable.