GATORADE PRE-CONFERENCE SESSION: An Assessment Of Today’s Top Recovery Modalities

Recovery is a hot topic and gaining prominence for its role in athletic performance. The best recovery programs incorporate both nutrition and proven modalities. This session will review some of the most talked about recovery modalities, including sleep, physical treatments (compression, stretching, foam rolling, hot-cold contrast), and nutrition. The session will provide insight on the latest research and offer practical tips for successful recovery for your athletes.

WORKSHOP: Master The 12 Pillars Of Peak Performance

Are you attending the 2016 CSCCA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas? Don’t miss this 3-hour workshop on Friday afternoon with world-renowned peak performance coach Brian Cain! His passion, energy and intensity for teaching the fundamentals of sport psychology, peak performance, and mental conditioning will give you a strategic plan of action to implement immediately in your physical conditioning programs to get the most out of the athletes you work with.

Crushing Reps At CSCCa

If these coaches and products don’t get you pumped, you’re in the wrong line of work. Football coaches, take note of these strength coaches and how amped they are to use this equipment.