Power-Systems “PowerWave” Provides Coaches With Versatile Training Options

The Power-Systems PowerWave™ is a multifunctional training device that utilizes a revolutionary design to deliver a total body workout. The Power-Systems PowerWave™ has unique features built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as athletes maximize caloric expenditure. The weighted keystone continuously engages core muscles while double stitched straps and handles allow for hundreds of exercise options and thermo – gel pad and grip tracks increase catabolic rate of energy release.

    • Builds core strength, muscle development and endurance
    • Enhances rotational movement promoting joint flexibility
    • Increases speed and agility in a way that free weights and static machines cannot
    • Minimizes impact on joints and ligaments
    • Saves critical space with its portable and easy to store design

Check out WBA Champion Pro Boxer Bradley ‘Super’ Skeete taking on the Power Systems PowerWave™:

The PowerWave is available in these three weight options in order to meet the needs of all fitness levels:

Super – Weight: 15.4lbs

The ideal weight for novice users at a beginning level or fitness. And those who want increased muscle endurance and a leaner toner body.

Spartan – Weight: 26.4lbs

The ideal weight for intermediate users at a base level of fitness. and those who want to improve muscle strength, generate lean muscle gains and increase muscle definition.

The Beast – Weight: 44lbs

The ideal weight for advanced users at a level of fitness which requires a high output to achieve results and those who want to maximize muscle strength and generate muscle mass.

Unleash the beast in your athletes with the Beast – Reps workout: 

1. KEYSTONE – The majority of the weight resides here, adding gravitational force while in motion. The Keystone provides the pivotal point and the structural balance to facilitate proper posture and alignment during exercises.

2. HANDLES – Located on the spine, with anti-rip construction, the durable reinforced handles add thousands of possibilities for new and challenging exercises.

3. STRAPS – Heavy-duty, triple weave straps that withstand the gravitational force you create.

4. THERMO-GEL PAD – Temperature responsive gel pad shielded by perforated leather helps maintain the catabolic rate of energy release for an increased calorie burn.

5. GRIP TRACKS – Removable padded straps with thermo-gel allow for multiple grip positions that comfortably support the wrist.

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