Rapid Red And Rapid Whey: The Natural Choice For Elite Recovery

At the highest level of competition in any sport, recovery is the number one priority. At least that’s how Ahman Green, four-time NFL Pro Bowler and all-time leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers, feels about it.

Green knows a thing or two about the importance of recovery. He spent over a decade being tackled by the biggest, strongest athletes in the world, but still manages to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle today. What’s his secret?

“You have to have an awareness about what you are putting in your body,” Green says. “Just think about what you put in your car. You’re not going to put low quality fuel in your car, because it’s not going to run right.”

Green has partnered with Rapid Performance Products, a company based just a short drive north of Green Bay, Wis. Rapid Performance Products has opened his eyes to natural recovery drinks that harness the power of the Montmorency Tart Cherries that grow in northeastern Wisconsin.

The company prides itself on the Rapid Red and Rapid Whey, two recovery beverages designed specifically to speed muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. The antioxidant powers that occur naturally in the Tart Cherry help athletes recover and perform at their best, regardless of the sport.

Real Stuff For Real Competitors

“Cross country skiers are definitely a little different,” U.S. Cross Country Ski Team member and 2016 National Champion Reese Hanneman says. “We’re not really a power sport. It’s much more focused on endurance. I’ll spend four or five hours a day doing really repetitive stuff. You get a lot of soreness and muscle breakdown from overuse.”

Hanneman says nutritionists and physiologists often encouraged him to look into the benefits of Tart Cherries in the early stages of his career, but he didn’t see an easy way of following through on their advice. That’s when he found out about Rapid Performance Products.

“What am I going to do? Go to Whole Foods and buy a gallon jug of tart cherry?” Hanneman joked. “Or you could buy actual cherries in a bag and walk around eating trail mix everywhere you go. It just wasn’t that practical, but with Rapid Performance, I like the ease of it – the bottles are just the right size. I’m running maybe 20 or close to 30 miles sometimes, or skiing 50 or 60 kilometers in a single workout. So, obviously recovery is a huge thing for me.”

In addition to what it does for his recovery, Hanneman also appreciates how good it tastes. And he doesn’t just enjoy the taste because of the appealing flavor, he says he appreciates that it tastes real and natural – because it is.

“I actually look forward to the end of my workout and drinking these cherry drinks,” Hanneman says. “You get the feeling that an actual human made this out of real food. This is all real stuff in here. It feels like an easier way to eat natural, recovery-enhancing food.”

Green can relate to Hanneman’s sentiments. He says he was hooked once he saw just how natural Rapid Performance Products are.

“Taking a tour of the factory is what sold me, because I actually saw the process the cherries go through to make it into the bottle,” Green says. “There’s not too many times it changes hands before it winds up on your kitchen table or in the weight-room refrigerator. It’s two steps, maybe three steps and that’s it.”

Don’t Sleep On Melatonin

Tart cherries are also an excellent source of naturally occurring melatonin, a hormone that helps the human body regulate its sleep cycle. Since “sleep is recovery in itself” as Green explains, athletes are getting a two-for-one recovery drink when they drink a Rapid Whey or Rapid Red.

Experts suggest that elite athletes can require as much as 10 hours of sleep a night, so having a natural way of making sure you get the highest quality rest it critical. Instead of turning to sleeping pills or other unnatural means of getting a good night’s sleep, athletes can do this with a wholesome, natural product.

“During the season, I like to drink it at night before I go to bed,” NFL linebacker Brian Robison says. “When I drink the cherry juice before I go to bed, it helps me sleep. It helps me recover through the night. It allows your body to have those nutrients to repair those broken-down muscles. You can wake up the next day and be ready to go.”

For more information about Rapid Whey and Rapid Red, contact Jeremy Paszczak. Rapid Performance Products are regularly tested and certified by Informed Sport to ensure NCAA compliance.

Rapid Performance Products
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Forestville, Wi 54201
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