September Message From The CSCCa Executive Director

Greetings from the CSCCa National Office!  I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a safe and successful athletic season.  The health and safety of the student athlete continues to be our primary concern, and you are encouraged to design and implement safe and effective programs based on solid periodization concepts and other established scientific principles.

This has been an extremely unusual year with strength and conditioning coaches separated from their athletes for much of 2020.  The guidelines provided in the CSCCa and NSCA Joint Consensus Guidelines for Transition Periods: Safe Return to Training Following Inactivity, however, were designed to accommodate situations just like this one in which athletes are away from supervised training sessions for more than a two week period. The 50/30/20/10 and the F.I.T. Rules both provide safe parameters for the training of athletes as they return from extended training breaks, entering a transition period as they return to supervised training sessions.  In addition, please make sure you have an emergency action plan (EAP) in place and rehearsed in case an athlete experiences any health related issues or injuries during training.

This summer has been filled with unrest as demands for social justice have swept across the country.  The CSCCa is a member organization of the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science (JCSMS).  Over the summer, the CSCCa and the other member organizations worked together to address and rectify the racial disparities that occur in our society today.  Please check out the member organizations’ collective statement: “MOVING FORWARD” A CONSENSUS STATEMENT ON HEALTH, EQUITY, INCLUSION, AND PROGRESS from the fields of sports medicine and science, healthy living, education, physical/mental health, recreation, and youth sports.

The Collective Consensus Statement was officially released on Friday, August 28, 2020, the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington and the “I Have A Dream” speech.  We dedicated this statement to the memory, life, and legacy of Congressman John Lewis and to other such courageous leaders throughout time.  The CSCCa Board of Directors continues to work within our organization to address disparities and eliminate all biases.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and heard.  Please provide us with your feedback on how we can make the CSCCa more inclusive and responsive to the needs of ALL CSCCa members.

As a reminder, the annual membership drive is currently underway.  The current CSCCa membership year runs from August 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021.  While CSCCa membership is not required, CSCCa members do receive discounted pricing on national conference registration, certification fees, and CEU annual reporting fees, which more than offset the annual membership dues.  Membership also guarantees that you will continue to receive CSCCa Monthly as well as other emails and mailings from the CSCCa National Office to keep you updated with important information and announcements.  In addition, CSCCa members receive complementary subscriptions to AFCA Magazine and Training & Conditioning.

The CSCCa is continually striving to advance the field of strength and conditioning coaching and to ensure that our athletes are receiving the most safe and effective exercise prescription possible.  The CSCCa is unique in that it is an organization created BY strength and conditioning coaches FOR strength and conditioning coaches.  As such, the CSCCa continues to provide direction and leadership in dealing with the myriad issues facing our profession today.  We must make every effort to ensure that the field retains its autonomy, as well as the ability to control its own destiny. This requires all of us to be proactive in dealing with important health and safety issues.

Become involved!  Take responsibility!  Do not become complacent and think that others will fight this battle for you.  It is the duty of every strength and conditioning coach to be informed, engaged, and proactive in determining the future of this profession. Your membership in the CSCCa is an important step in protecting and advancing the future of this profession.


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