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There is an art to being a strength and conditioning coach. The profession continues to evolve, and coaches are adding more tools to their repertoire. One of the most booming areas of growth has been the collection and use of biometric data to inform better coaching decisions. While tracking and monitoring biometrics can’t replace the relationships CSCCa member coaches develop with their athletes, it can help them to be more effective. That’s why Strive has developed advanced technology for coaches to get immediately actionable data with minimum time invested – all while utilizing the compression clothing athletes already wear and love. 

Strive’s technology allows coaches to track players’ wellness through an easy to use app.

  • External player loads
  • Distance, speed, acceleration, deceleration, and jumps
  • Muscle recruitment and left/right symmetries for quads, hamstrings, glutes
  • Recovery

Coaches can enter data on a centralized Kiosk mode for easier data entry, correlate players’ on-the-field training and wellness with game data for a complete performance overview, and even monitor athletes’ mental states, not just their physical performance.

The Strive “Sense3” Compression Short

As a coach, you want your athletes to wear the best gear.  Strive’s “Sense 3” technology can be added to compression shorts from the top brands – Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.

The Sense 3 monitors athletes’ major movement muscle groups, combining insights into their motion and how they are engaging their muscles. Coaches will have objective data showing them how much force athletes are exerting based on muscle output and accelerometry, how tired athletes get and how athletes are recovering.

Strive Simplicity

Strength and conditioning coaches have a lot to balance in their day-to-day, that’s why Strive keeps it simple. There’s a fast and easy three-step process to start monitoring athlete performance with Strive:

Wear the Shorts

Insert the Battery

See Actionable Insights

Strive has also kept the reporting process as user-friendly as possible. Coaches can obtain actionable data in real time, on any device, for any athlete, team or group. The data obtained can easily be viewed, organized and shared with the sport coaching staff, medical staff or other members of the team, all with the push of a button.

  • Automatically generate reports for athletes, groups, and teams after each practice
  • Share reports with other coaches online or as printable PDF documents
  • No need for formatting or any work to generate reports
  • See how athletes are performing in real time on any device
  • Quickly get any reports and warnings around athlete performance

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