Swift Performance Makes Speed, Agility & Reaction Testing A Breeze

Swift Performance offers completely wireless & customizable timing gates and jump measurement systems and the apps are downloaded for “free” from the Apple App Store to a Coach’s iPad. SpeedLight Gates require very little setup and eliminate the human error of cumbersome stopwatches and clipboards, while the EZEJUMP jump mat provides immediate capture of data and timing re-set compared to mechanical jump measurement tools that must be re-positioned prior to each jump.

SpeedLight Gate Features

– Dual Beam near infra-red photoelectric sensors that provide the highest level of accuracy in the industry.

– 2D “Custom” Test Design function.

– Multizone Test Capability to measure four separate performance tests at the same time.

– Faster Gate set-up times through a “laser assisted aligning beam.”

– Hand or Foot Triggered ground-based Laser Beam Starter or tripod-mounted Timing Gates for upright position needs.

– Three different start modes that improve test session efficiency and all offer both Static and Reactionary starts with an audiovisual start signal.

– Free Leaderboard Display Function that only requires an Apple TV device to plug into widescreen monitors.

– Long Range use with High Gain Antennas that reach up to 400m.

– A real-life battery monitoring system that alerts both connectivity and system use life right on the test screen, using Lithium Polymer for test sessions of up to 8 hours.

– Propriety SpeedLAN WiFi network to offer go-anywhere operation.

– Wide, durable tripods that are stable in outside, in windy conditions and indoor on cold ice-rink surfaces.

(VIDEO) New Zealand All Blacks national rugby union team timing 30m sprints during training camp.

Timing Gates & Test Drill Customization

Swift timing gates can be completely customized to capture any ground-based movement pattern needed to be assessed.  You can time traditional performance measurements like sprint tests with multiple splits, Pro Agility, 3 Cone L Drill, NBA Lane Agility, and Reactive Shuffle tests or basic T Tests. Swift gates also allow Performance Coaches to work hand-in-hand with Sport Coaches to create position group specific drills.

EZEJUMP System Features

– Wireless, stand-alone Bluetooth connectivity.

– 31” x 31” stainless steel surface that allows for wide athletic bases prior to jumping.

– Qi charging systems that requires charging only 3-4 times per year and allows for the system to be embedded into weight room flooring systems.

– Basic jump tests, including:  Squat jump, Counter Movement jump, Vertical jump, Drop jump and Cadence testing – all measuring Height, Flight Time, Contact Time vs. Reactive Strength Index and Power.

– Advanced testing measurements, including:  Independent Left/Right Measurement, Non Concentric impulse (Bosco), Leg Stiffness (Bosco), Flight Time “Ft” / Contact Time “Ct” Ratio, Fatigue Index, Tapping among others.


  • Free App Software
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Simple User Interface
  • Highly Reliable Laser Alignment
  • Dual Beam Accuracy
  • iPad & iPhone Compatibility
  • Free AppleTV Leaderboard
  • Drag & Drop / 2D Test Designer Customization
  • Ability To Run Four Separate Test Stations At The Same Time
  • Free Firmware Upgrades
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