Defining Excellence And Shattering Stereotypes

On top of being named the first female Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) by the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) in the association’s history, Stacey Torman has also earned the distinction of being named the first female vice president of the CSCCa, a position she will hold for the next three years. Currently the director of athletic performance for olympic sports at the University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB), Torman is a pioneer for women in the collegiate strength and conditioning field. But as far as she’s concerned, her gender has little to do with her accolades and achievements.

Follow-Up Regarding Final Overtime Rule

The CSCCa Board of Directors and National Office view the announcement of the Labor Department’s Final Overtime Rule as an excellent opportunity for ALL strength and conditioning coaches, regardless of their salaries, to visit with their athletic administrators to discuss any salary/benefit concerns. One of the primary goals of the CSCCa is to educate athletic administrators regarding the value the strength and conditioning coach brings to the institution’s athletic department, and we have done just that…

Top 25 Food Choices For High Performance Athletes

Healthy eating habits play a valuable role in the pursuit of excellent performance. Coaches are responsible for providing athletes with the support they require to be successful. A good coach provides the education, assessment, and support necessary to reshape nutritional habits. Performance nutrition education focuses on three primary goals: proper meal planning, balance and variety in food choices, and positive eating habits.

Overtime Rules: How They Affect You

It was recently announced that the U.S. Department of Labor has authorized an increase in the maximum annual salary level to $47,476 to go into effect December 1, 2016, under which over-time pay is required for salaried workers. We have had several coaches ask us how this will affect strength and conditioning coaches whose salaries fall under this level.

Welcome To The 2016 CSCCa National Conference

Welcome to the 2016 CSCCa National Conference – the 16th annual national conference of the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa)! As we approach the national conference each year, I reflect and marvel upon the growth this association has experienced. I vividly remember the organization’s first national conference, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, in May 2001.

CSCCa CEU Program Information

The CSCCa has a Continuing Education Units (CEU) program in place for maintaining SCCC certification. We are now well into the third and final year of the current 3-year CEU reporting period, which will end July 31, 2016. This program was implemented to further enhance the credibility and validity of the SCCC certification program as well as to meet ICE accreditation standards.