Thank You To Our Sponsors!

The CSCCa would like to thank its generous sponsors. Your support continues to ensure the CSCCa will be the gold standard in strength and conditioning coach certification today and for years to come. Thank you!

Platinum Sponsor and Founding Partner


Gatorade is proud to support the CSCCa. This year, the brand will share information around Gatorade Performance Partner, the first multidisciplinary community of sports performance professionals. Gatorade offers a range of sports fuel products backed by years of scientific research, developed in collaboration with the world’s greatest athletes and designed to improve athletic performance. Gatorade’s portfolio is designed to meet the fueling needs of all athletes, and the addition of Muscle Milk to the Gatorade family only strengthens its product roster. Gatorade’s Recovery products – bars, protein powder and shakes – help athletes rebuild muscles after athletic activity while Muscle Milk products help athletes maximize their strength. To learn more about Gatorade’s full product portfolio or to find your local Gatorade representative, please visit You can also stop by the Gatorade Performance Partner booths #501, #503, #600 and #602 at this year’s CSCCa national conference.

Platinum Sponsors


Building on 60 years of expertise, Eleiko designs and manufactures best-in-class strength products for the world’s leading competitions, training facilities and home gyms. We are dedicated to being the industry leader with durable, high performing products that focus on quality, safety and delivering the ultimate lifting experience through design innovation with a lifter first perspective. Eleiko quality is achieved through carefully sourced materials, precision engineering and our Swedish manufacturing.

Rickard Blomberg
Booth Numbers: 401, 403 ,405, 407, 409, 411, 500, 502, 504, 506, 508, 510

Mondo USA

Weight rooms need surfaces that are just as tough as the athletes who use them. Mondo’s 70 years of expertise goes into its rubber weight room flooring so they stand up to the most demanding use. Engineered to withstand the weight and abuse of sport equipment, Mondo’s MondoArmor, Sport Impact and Ramflex weight room floorings are ideal for strength and conditioning areas, fitness centers and weight rooms, offering enhanced resiliency from the dropping of weights, heavy machinery, abuse from strength and conditioning activities, scratches, scuffs and even sweat. Don’t be fooled by flooring that only meets some of your needs. Choose one that exceeds all of them. One that can stand up to the heaviest everyday use.
Booth numbers: 601, 603, 700, 702

Gold Sponsors

Build Your Base

Build Your Base is a comprehensive sports nutrition program that utilizes beef as its premier protein. This online program provides nutrition and sports training resources for coaches, athletes, and their families. It strives to prepare them for a successful sports season through ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance through whole plate nutrition concepts. Are you interested in getting your athletic program involved? Stop by our booth (419,421,518,520) at the CSCCa convention to learn more about what this program has to offer. Contact Suzy Geppert, Executive Director/Program Manager at or visit

Now Sports

At NOW® Sports we’re all about natural, unadulterated sports nutrition supplements that legitimately enhance performance. NOW Sports products are certified by Informed-Sport, the world’s leading anti-doping organization, so you can trust that our products are pure, safe and effective for every level of athletics.

Today’s fitness enthusiasts all have at least one thing in common – they want to know exactly what they’re taking, all the time. For athletes especially, knowing what you’re putting in your body is an absolute must. Saying you didn’t know a supplement contained a banned substance won’t cut it these days.

Our line of pure and natural formulas is thoroughly tested for identity, purity and strength. With advanced, in-house laboratories and the latest analytical instrumentation, NOW Sports guarantees the purity and safety of our products. If you’re concerned about adulteration with steroids, men’s virility drugs and their analogs, weight loss drugs and their analogs, and more, then NOW Sports is for you. Whether you’re a competitive athlete whose career depends on knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body, or a casual exerciser who values purity and potency, NOW Sports is the go-to brand for natural born athletes at all levels of fitness. 
Booth Numbers: 701

Bronze Sponsors


Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform athlete-monitoring solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress and recovery in one place. Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics. More information about Firstbeat Sports on our website:

Firstbeat Sports is a Bronze Sponsor of the 2022 conference, and our US team will be there! Come meet James Wagenschutz, Benjamin Jensen and Matt Tardif at Booth 511 in the Exhibition Hall. For the 3rd consecutive year, Firstbeat will also be hosting the Master Coaches Breakfast of the conference.

Benjamin Jensen

Matt Tardif

James Wagenschutz

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff® is an electrolyte, liquid-concentrate, drink additive from NASA for athletes who train and compete hard.  Numerous published studies show, The Right Stuff® is far superior for:

  1. Combating the symptoms (cramps, muscle fatigue, light-headedness etc.) caused by heavy sweating, dehydration and electrolyte loss.
  2. Protecting the body from overheating in high heat settings and times of intense exertion.
  3. Increasing endurance by over 20% more than any other NASA-tested formula.

Plus, it is a high-performance aid against the negative effects of jet lag and high altitudes. The Right Stuff is NSF Certified for Sport and is now available in nine different flavors including new Grape.

David Belaga
Customer Service
Wellness Brands Inc.
Boulder, CO 80301-3346
Booth numbers: 400, 301


Our Mission is to create no-compromise products and tools that support the endless improvement of personal performance. Momentous is a sports performance supplement company that engineers a line of NSF Certified recovery products and strength coaches from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA.

Chris DiSanto
Booth Number: 800

Dynamic Fitness

Dynamic Fitness & Strength is a manufacturer of American-made strength equipment, installing some of the top weight rooms in the country for D1 colleges, pro sports teams and high schools. Dynamic’s team includes coaches with 160 years of combined experience. Dynamic Fitness & Strength brings athletic institutions the best facility for their program, from the flooring athletes train on to all the equipment need to train champions. Dynamic provides direct, immediate, personal support that doesn’t end at delivery or invoice. Dynamic doesn’t just build the best equipment—they build lasting relationships.
Booth Numbers:  734, 732, 730, 728, 635, 633, 631, and 629


Powerful tracking for better performance. EliteForm provides an unmatched toolset for performance analytics in the weight room. EliteForm’s patented technology combines 3D motion capture cameras with our ever-expanding StrengthPlanner database to provide the feedback & insights that drive elite training environments.

Booth: 415