WearBands: The World’s Most Versatile And Effective Functional Resistance Training System

To maximize performance at full speed, you need to be able to train at full speed. Only WearBands allows any athlete of any size in any sport to duplicate game-time movements at game-time speeds under no mass, no impact, core-to-foot, fluid resistance with absolutely no restrictions of movement.

WearBands is pure, unencumbered, functional resistance.

Quick and easy to put on and take off, WearBands is seamlessly integrated into existing drills, allowing more time for training. No more waiting to share equipment.

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No new drills are required.  Simply add WearBands to any bodyweight drills or other training accessories, and your athlete becomes a better athlete.

WearBands has been tested and validated by world-renowned physiotherapists, athletes and doctors.  The kinesiology and physics are sound and the results are unquestioned.

Elite athletic performance coaches and athletes describe WearBands in a word: Gamechanger

Those athletes now include World and Olympic champions and medalists in track and field, including in the 100MM, 100MM hurdles, 200MM, 400MM, long jump, high jump and triple jump. Other elite athletes who have discovered WearBands include pros in the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, soccer, volleyball and tennis.


WearBands’ multiple training advantages include:

  • Full-time, core-to-foot engagement trains the kinetic chain in unison, training all muscle groups in coordination at full speed, as they work during game-time movements.  The result: a functionally stronger, faster, quicker and more explosive athlete.
  • The added sensory feedback provided by WearBands resistance trains the athlete’s nervous system as well as his/her muscles, improving technique and reaction time horizontally and vertically.
  • In addition to the neuromuscular feedback received from WearBands, the vertical resistance applied helps improve running technique by preventing over-striding, and increases turnover speed by improving strength and power into and through the ground during the drive phase.
  • Added to plyometric drills in the gym or on the field, WearBands’ activates and conditions the fast-twitch muscles associated with jumping, in addition to increasing muscles activation of the stabilizers, hips and glutes.
  • Since WearBands is a hands-free system, any ball or stick drills can performed simultaneously while wearing the system for a more efficient training session.
  • Added to free weight lifting as accommodating resistance, WearBands recruits and activates more stabilizer, hip, core and glute muscles through the entire range of motion, maximizing results.
  • WearBands is also an effective physical therapy tool for adding no-mass, lightweight resistance during lower-body injury recovery, and as a corrective device for identifying and correcting muscle imbalances.

Whether in the gym or on the field, the addition of WearBands improves functional strength, speed, quickness, vertical leap and muscular endurance for any athlete in any sport.  It’s versatility and effectiveness across sports makes it an unmatched value for collegiate training programs.


Each WearBands system comes with the following:

  • A military grade, one-size-fits-all belt.
  • 5 levels of resistance bands, allowing any athlete of any strength the ability to use a resistance level that optimizes results for any chosen activity.
  • A pair of customized neoprene socks, which can be inserted into any shoe.
  • A WearBands backpack.
  • Dedicated account manager, system set-up instruction and tips for efficient team training.

WearBands resistance bands come in three size packages – Small, Medium and Large – to fit any athlete of any height. WearBands socks come in four sizes – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large – to fit any shoe size of any athlete.



If you believe in the benefits of functional resistance training, and in training athletes for game-time movements at game-time speeds under no-mass resistance, then WearBands is the training system for you.  Contact us at info@wearbands.com or at 888-775-9401 for more information.

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