FTDO Scott Bennett

Welcome To Oklahoma City For The 2022 CSCCa National Conference

Hello CSCCa coaches, sponsors, exhibitors and guests, welcome to the 2022 CSCCa National Conference! We are excited about our first totally in-person event since 2019. We are happy you are here and are certain you will have a great experience! We assembled what we believe is an all-star speaker line up and are incredibly happy that our generous sponsors and exhibitors have come together to help provide a conference experience that is second to none.

As a reminder, our sponsors and exhibitors are the lifeblood of our National Conference. Please make time to visit as many exhibit booths as possible and spend time with our exhibitors. Believe me, they are ready to see you!

The Executive Team has been on the job since March 1, 2021. There have been many changes during the last year, and we look forward to listening to your input to implement many more. It is an absolute honor to be able to serve so many outstanding professionals and individuals that comprise our great organization.

Speaking of changes, one of the biggest changes has been the relocation of the National Office from its 20+ year home in Provo, Utah to Austin, Texas. We opened the new location January 3, 2022, with a brand-new office staff. Our CEU Coordinator, Ashton Abbott, our Certification Coordinator, Sianna DeCarli (a Lance Vermeil Award Winner), along with two veteran CSCCa employees, Krystal Harward, our Exhibitor Coordinator, and Laekyn Pham as our Business Manager, a brand-new position created within the CSCCa. Our CSO, Sandy Abney, is housed in the National Office location, with CEO Scott Bennett and CDO Allan Johnson both working remotely. Along with the new location, we upgraded and updated all our IT and office technology needs, allowing us to better serve the needs of our membership. We will have more improvements on the way. Stay tuned!

As we look to the future of the CSCCa, we want to make sure the wants, needs and concerns of the membership are heard. How can we make your membership experience better? How can we enhance what we already provide? What do you want to see more of, or even less of?

Along with the coveted SCCC certification and the MSCC title of distinction, the most valued part of the CSCCa experience is its wealth of talented members. We have the most talented group of strength coaches in the world. We need to harness the collective power of this abundance of talent and make our association the most functional, informational source for all strength coaches.

Looking to the National Conference, we have a fantastic speaker line up of highly successful strength and conditioning professionals that will share their stories, concepts and expertise with you. We also have one of the most nationally renowned sports medicine figures in the country on our schedule to not only continue our health and safety education opportunity, but also give us direction on how strength and conditioning and sports medicine can continue to work together in creating a safer, more positive environment for the student-athlete experience. As a new addition to our professional tract that directly impacts student-athlete well-being, we will begin our journey into the area of mental health and how the strength coach can be a major influence in creating a positive mental health environment.

Lastly, with regards to spotlight speakers, we have one of the most successful coaches in the sport of collegiate women’s basketball that will certainly enhance your approach to coaching and your impact on young people. This is a segment of our speaker line up you will not want to miss.

In addition to our strength and conditioning segments, our health and safety, mental health and professionalism segments, we once again will spotlight round table discussions on day two of the conference. We have heard positive feedback from you about round table discussions and we fully anticipate further spirited discussions.

In closing, one thing I feel strongly is important to the future of our profession is our ability to bring back the great ongoing conversations. As our membership demographic continues to change, there is one thing for certain, the way we work daily is changing more drastically and frequently than it ever has. Not only has technology of all types changed the way we perform our jobs, but there is also an increased level of responsibility in our own departments. The one thing that has not changed? We are still in the people business. The more we can share ideas on how to better serve the people around us, the more robust and respected our profession will be.

We look forward to seeing you all over the next few days. If there is anything we can do to help make your conference experience better, please let us know.