Welcome To The 2021 CSCCa National Conference

On behalf of the new CSCCa Executive Team, welcome to the 2021 CSCCa National Conference!  As you know, the national conference is always a great experience.  The conference is packed with dynamic speakers, great exhibitors, and excellent opportunities for networking, as well as catching up with old friends and colleagues.  We are excited to be back in Ft. Worth and hope you enjoy the city’s world class hospitality.  We ask that while you are attending the conference you follow all CSCCa Covid-19 Safety Protocols in order to help protect the health and safety of yourself and the coaches around you.

This past year has certainly been a challenge for us all. We want to make sure we embrace our members who have lost loved ones and support each other as we create a positive path for the future.  Health and safety is always the top priority of the CSCCa.  We have gone to great lengths, working with venues to create the safest possible environment for our membership, vendors and guests.

Every profession has had to make significant adjustments in the way we conduct normal business. Due to the forced cancellation of the 2020 conference, we offered the conference in a virtual video format, which gave our coaches access to our great speakers. We developed CEU quizzes for each virtual session in order for our coaches to earn valuable CEU’s.

Another big part of our national conference experience is the administration of the SCCC Certification exam, the Gold Standard of Strength and Conditioning Certifications. We secured a one-year exception to our normal testing procedures in order to provide a virtual opportunity for candidates to take the practical portion of the exam, which was evaluated by our MSCCs.  I want to express a huge word of thanks to our CSCCa Office Team for providing this opportunity for our coaches, as well as creating a great format for this event.

During this unprecedented time, CSCCa Board of Directors member Don Decker, MSCC, along with Dr. Tony Caterisano, a member of the CSCCa Written Exam Committee, teamed up with CSCCa leadership to participate in a joint venture with other organizations under the direction of the Korey Stringer Institute to develop resources to facilitate the safe return of athletes from the long break necessitated by COVID-19.  The CSCCa and NSCA were tasked with providing coaches with guidance and scientific, evidence-based protocols regarding volume and load intensities, coupled with proper work-to-rest ratios for coaches to implement during this transition period. This guidance was based on the information provided in the CSCCa and NSCA Joint Consensus Guidelines for Transition Periods: Safe Return to Training Following Inactivity.

I want to take this opportunity to deliver a message of appreciation to Dr. Chuck Stiggins and his wife, Becky.  Without Chuck’s vision and the over two decades of their hard work, there would be no CSCCa.  Starting this association in order to address the needs of the collegiate strength coach, continuing be a driving force for its success, setting and maintaining the gold standard of certification, and doing it all with a high level of integrity, class and sincerity are the things of which legends are made.  I will certainly be forever grateful to Chuck and Becky Stiggins for setting an example for all strength and conditioning professionals.  We shall always honor them by maintaining that level of integrity as we move forward together.  Thank you Chuck and Becky.  We wish you nothing but the very best in your retirement.  You deserve it, and have earned it!

In closing I want to take a moment to share my thoughts as we move forward. The CSCCa has a strong foundation. It is my vision, as well as the vision of the CSCCa Executive Team, to stand on that strong, deep foundation and enhance our core principles of Education, Unity and Respect.  We will enhance the bond between all members by building a bridge to the past, embracing the present, and continuing our vision for the future. We will continue to build the Gold Standard of Certification with a high level of integrity. This association is membership driven.  The voice of the strength coach needs to be heard, both inside the association as well as in the collegiate world.  It is the responsibility of each of you, as an active member of this association, to communicate with the Executive Team, the Board of Directors, as well as the MSCCs to express what you believe we are doing right as well as how we can improve.  If you never speak, you will never be heard.  When you speak, we will listen.

We look forward to safely resuming our strong and professional way of doing things next year at the 2022 National Conference in Oklahoma City. We will come back stronger than ever!



Scott Bennett

Chief Executive Officer

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