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Mark Uptegraff: CSCCa Profiles With The Masters

As the 2022 winner of the Gatorade Young Achievement Award from the CSCCa, Wittenberg’s head strength coach Mark Uptegraff, SCCC, describes the role that mentors have played in both his life and career, shares practical ideas for aspiring strength coaches to progress in the profession, and explains what winning the Gatorade Young Achievement Award means to him.

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Greg Werner: CSCCa Profiles With The Masters

Greg Werner, MSCC, is Senior Director, S/C, Women’s Basketball with Virginia Tech. In this Masters Profile, Coach Werner describes what it really means to be a mentor, shares how young strength coaches can advance within their professional careers, and explains his role in nominating the winner of the 2022 Gatorade Young Achievement Award with the CSCCa.


Plyometrics And Lower-Body Power Development

Plyometric training was originally developed to achieve more efficient and powerful movement patterns over and off the ground. Athletes were looking to run faster, jump higher and farther, and change direction more effectively, or in other words, negotiate the ground better. Jumps, bounds, hops, and their subvariations (skips, leaps, and ricochets) are all ways to maximize the ability to negotiate the ground and transfer forces effectively in athletic applications.

Advance Your Career With A Master’s Degree In Exercise Science

As a working adult, it can be hard to balance going back to school with full-time work and an active family life. Here are several different 100% online master’s programs offered by existing universities, with anytime, anywhere learning, so no matter your situation, you can advance your career with higher education.


Nutrition, Data Drive Advance Of Recovery Modalities

If you unpack the word recovery, it takes on so many different meanings for so many different coaches and athletes. But what it boils down to is the human body’s ability to repair the damage done to it during strength training, conditioning exercises, endurance exercises, in-game play, and the mental expenditure that goes along with all of it. Advances in nutrition and technology continue to drive recovery optimization in elite athletes.