Hydration For Athletes

Hydration is key for both nutritional status and athletic performance. While humans are able to maintain a balanced hydration state on a regular basis in the absence of exercise with minimal forethought, athletes require much more detailed planning and preparation to ensure they stay properly hydrated.

Benefits Of Creatine In Football

Creatine is a commonly used supplement across all levels of sport due to its well-established positive effects on sports performance, and American Football is a perfect sport to reap the benefits.

Fueling During Competition

Fueling during competition can be just as important as pre-workout snacks and post-workout recovery depending on the duration and intensity of the sport or training session, specifically ones lasting greater than one hour.

Processed Foods

Processed Foods: How Processed Is Too Processed?

Whole food and “real” food diets have recently been a popular topic of discussion in the sports world. Many dietitians and sports professionals have adopted the “food first” principle. But, how do we guide athletes to make appropriate choices to fuel themselves with the limitless number of products found in stores?