FTDO Scott Bennett

The Importance Of Maintaining Certification

I hope everyone is off to a safe and productive Fall Semester.  There is always the feeling of anticipation to get the athletes back, followed by the feeling of being overwhelmed because they are. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the beginning of the semester. Everyone is excited about fall sport competition as well as the great offseason prep for the spring sports. In my opinion, this time of year is most certainly the biggest wind in our sails for the academic year.

Speaking of big wind in our sail, the CSCCa wants to thank each one of you for making our 2022 National Conference the most successful in 4 years. We had over 1,300 attendees. That is over 85% of our highest attendance ever. A special tip of the cap to all our attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and guests that made this a spectacular event. Thank you all.

Not only did we have a great conference experience, but we also concluded our three-year CEU cycle. With that in mind, I want to share with you some information with regards to the next CEU cycle. By now you should have received a new CSCCa CEU handbook which outlines pathways to earn CEU’s, maintain your SCCC certification, as well as get recertified if your certification has lapsed. This is an extremely important handbook. The handbook begins with the CSCCa Mission Statement, the CSCCa Core Values, and the importance of maintaining your SCCC certification via the CEU Program.

I want to be upfront about this, the SCCC is not an everyday certification. To commit to, and complete, the entire process of the certification is no easy task. Not only is it the most comprehensive certification offered for collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, but it is also one of the most respected all over the world. Once it is earned, it is of utmost importance to maintain it by earning all continuing education units required by the CSCCa.

Now, that thought aside, let’s talk about the value of continuing education. Continuing education helps ensure the validity and credibility of our esteemed certification, but it also ensures that as a certified coach, you stay up to date on training strategies, health and safety best practices, training trends, and enhance your expertise to provide your student-athletes the best opportunity to enhance their performance effectively and safely. As coaches, we owe it to our young people to be the most prepared coach we can be to provide the most effective product possible. That is the value of continuing education.

As strength and conditioning coaches, we are in an awesome position to help young people enhance their physical gifts through scientifically based training protocols. Not only is that an incredible position to be in, but it is also a huge responsibility. The most effective way to fortify that responsibility is through education. Education is the cornerstone from which the CSCCa was built. As the association has grown, and the certification process has been enhanced, one thing has been constant, education. The CSCCa takes great pride in providing many opportunities for education. We want to make sure you have every opportunity you can to put “one more tool in your toolbox” to help maximize your level of expertise. Be the best professional you can be. You are a key piece in the student athlete experience. We need to make sure it is a great one!

As we look ahead to next year, our conference will be held in Orlando, Fla., May 8-10. Not only is the national conference the most efficient way to earn your 15 CEUs for the year, but it is also a great way to enhance your professionalism by sharing ideas with fellow strength coaches. More information regarding the 2023 CSCCa National Conference will be available on our website soon. As we continue to enhance our national conference experience, we will be sending out surveys to you all. Please participate in these surveys! We are striving to provide everything you all as members want at your national conference. However, we can’t provide that experience if you don’t give us the feedback. Please take the time to properly fill out all surveys we send to you. Your feedback is valued! The most effective way we as an organization can work FOR you, is to hear FROM you. We are open to listen to all feedback provided by you – our members – on ways to make your CSCCa experience fit your needs.

In closing, I hope you all have a safe and productive semester. As we start a new 3-year CEU cycle this year, I want to encourage you all to stay up to date on CEU’s for the year, renew your yearly membership as soon as you can, and keep checking the CSCCa website for 2023 CSCCa National Conference updates. More new and exciting changes are on the horizon, so stay tuned! Have a great September!