FTDO Scott Bennett

Want To Share In The Spotlight? Let Us Know!

Hello CSCCa Members, and Happy November! As always, I hope everyone has had a fantastic Fall semester so far and your teams are having a successful season. Some teams are winding down, while others are getting started. This transition is always a fun time of year, as there is always so much going on.

Speaking of transitions, it is no secret that the CSCCa has been going through a huge transition since Chuck and Becky announced their retirement. Not only did the Executive Team spend lots of time getting caught up on the inner workings of the CSCCA (still a learning process), but we also identified some new initiatives we want to get off the ground. Many of these are in full swing, while others still need to get launched. In these initiatives, we want your help.

One of the biggest initiatives we want to get off the ground is spotlighting our ultra-talented coaches. The CSCCa has a wide array of the most talented collegiate strength coaches in the world. We have a very eager and talented group of coaches who have just begun their careers in the field. We have a very active group of coaches who have spent significant time in the field. We also have our very prestigious group of Master Strength Coaches, who have the power of longevity and experience. Contained in those broad groups, we have very talented coaches who are division leaders (head coaches), those who serve in an assistant coach capacity yet have found a niche with a specific sport or group of sports. We have coaches who have moved into administrative roles and serve in supervisory positions. Most importantly, we have a large group of experts that not only serve to make the student-athlete experience better, but also enhance our field as a whole with new levels of Excellence, enhanced Professionalism, ever increasing Innovation and Character. Very representative of our Core Values.

With this very concentrated level of talent, the CSCCa wants to enhance our internal network and share these talents with the rest of the association. Every year we have a 48-72 hour window to share ideas, concepts, techniques, experiences, and theories at our National Conference. It is our vision that we can reproduce a similar environment of idea sharing and exposure year round. Thankfully, some of you participated in our MSCC video series in conjunction with Gatorade Performance Partner in shedding some light on views and opinions from a specific group of coaches. We hope you are still enjoying those productions. We want to thank Three Cycle Media and Gatorade for their collaboration on this fantastic video series. We want to make this series the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to our next initiative.

Our next step in enhancing the value of our membership, is to spotlight coaches from our membership and have them share their knowledge as we look to enhance the CSCCa website experience. Traditionally the best way to get involved in this fashion was to speak at the national conference. However, these spots are limited and only come around once a year in conjunction with the National Conference. We are calling on those who want to get involved in this initiative to let us know. Do you want to write an article for the CSCCa? Let us know! Would you be interested in doing a written or video Q&A? Let us know! Would you be interested in sharing the highlights of your program or your facility? Let us know! Would you be interested in participating in research projects that will be published? Let us know! From an organizational standpoint, would you be willing to help us get these activities organized and help find people willing to participate? Let us know! Do you have ideas for articles that you would like to see? Let us know!

As you know, we are always asking for feedback on ways to make the CSCCa better. This opportunity is no different. This organization has always been and will always be about its membership. To move this organization forward and truly help it reach its potential, we need everyone’s help. We have the most talented membership in the country. I am inviting you all to share in the navigation of the direction of the CSCCa by helping contribute to our research, articles, interviews, and various projects of this type. Do you want to see more articles on VBT? Help us write one! Want more articles on transition training? Help us write one. I think you get my drift by now. The point is, we want your involvement in helping the CSCCa give you all the things you want!

Please pay attention to emails and social media in the next few months as we will be asking for your participation in various activities. Your participation and communication are critical in the enhancement of the most talented membership in the collegiate ranks.

I hope everyone continues to have a great semester, and a fantastic Thanksgiving and holiday season (wow it seems way too early to say that!). We look forward to a response from you soon.