The Worldwide Standard – With CSCCa CSO Sandy Abney

One of Abney’s primary roles as the CSO will be overseeing the accreditation of the CSCCa’s SCCC certification process. In lockstep with those efforts will be the constant improvement and evolution of the SCCC certification itself — a certification that sets the worldwide standard for what it means to be a certified strength and conditioning professional.

Caring For Athletes & Managing The Factors Impacting Mental Health

Let’s continue our conversation with regards to student athlete mental health.  As an integral part of the performance model, we as strength and conditioning coaches play a very important part in the mental health landscape of the student athlete.  As previously discussed, it is not only our responsibility to train student athletes for the physical rigors of their sport and enhance their physical performance, but it is also our responsibility to prepare them for life’s experiences. 

Screening For Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders In Collegiate Athletics

Disordered eating (DE) is a growing concern among all athletes, and if left untreated, can progress to a clinical eating disorder (ED) (Bonci, 2008). DE/EDs are metabolic injuries that can bench an athlete if not treated appropriately or intercepted early enough (Hynes, 2018). Eating disorders have one of the highest mortality rates of all psychiatric disorders and yet many athletic departments still do not screen for these potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Low-Residue Diets And Their Application To Sport

A low-residue diet limits high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and foods that increase colonic residue, such as milk (Vanhauwaert, 2015). And, it relies heavily on refined grains to meet carbohydrate demands while also utilizing dietary protein and fat to provide the bulk of energy without the intestinal bulk.

2022 CSCCa National Conference Preview

Mark your calendars now and please plan to attend the 2022 CSCCa National Conference.  The National Conference will be held at the Oklahoma City Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The dates of the conference are Monday, May 2, through Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

Facility Design Considerations

Good news! Administration has received funding for a new performance facility. Are you ready? Are you prepared to intelligently discuss design needs and desires that will successfully prepare athletes for achieving defined goals?