Advance Your Career With A Master’s Degree In Exercise Science

As a working adult, it can be hard to balance going back to school with full-time work and an active family life. Here are several different 100% online master’s programs offered by existing universities, with anytime, anywhere learning, so no matter your situation, you can advance your career with higher education.


Nutrition, Data Drive Advance Of Recovery Modalities

If you unpack the word recovery, it takes on so many different meanings for so many different coaches and athletes. But what it boils down to is the human body’s ability to repair the damage done to it during strength training, conditioning exercises, endurance exercises, in-game play, and the mental expenditure that goes along with all of it. Advances in nutrition and technology continue to drive recovery optimization in elite athletes.

Board Of Direction

Don Decker: Board of Direction

When Chuck and Becky Stiggins stepped away from the organization, the role and engagement level of the board of directors changed out of necessity. Ultimately, this increased engagement is going to be a huge part of the light that shows the way forward in the pivotal months and years to come.

Rod Cole, MSCC

The Master Strength And Conditioning Coach Progession

It is with great pride that I mentor Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) candidates every year to test for and earn the “gold standard” certification in strength and conditioning. The satisfaction of seeing these young people earn the SCCC certification and embark upon their full-time careers is a huge highlight for me.

Elaine Deppe, MSCC

Strength Coaches: Coming Through When It Counts

I never knew what a strength and conditioning coach was until I stepped on campus at Indiana University (IU) and began my rowing career. In those four years, a man I never knew existed pulled something out of me that I had never in my life recognized up until that point. I, a shy, introverted freshmen was thrown onto a team with 70 strong, fearless women. “Sink or swim Lanie, you better find a way to keep up,” is what went through my head.

Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches Share A Special Bond

Being a mentor, especially in the strength and conditioning coaching profession, means a lot. Sometimes, we must answer the call of duty to help those coaches who look up to us. They look to us for solutions. They need our knowledge and experience to help them solve problems they have never faced and avoid pitfalls they didn’t know were there.

Welcome To Oklahoma City For The 2022 CSCCa National Conference

Hello CSCCa coaches, sponsors, exhibitors and guests, welcome to the 2022 CSCCa National Conference! We are excited about our first totally in-person event since 2019. We are happy you are here and are certain you will have a great experience! We assembled what we believe is an all-star speaker line up and are incredibly happy that our generous sponsors and exhibitors have come together to help provide a conference experience that is second to none.